Taurus G2c Recall

Taurus G2c RecallAs owner of your new Taurus® firearm, you are responsible for (1) keeping your finger off the trigger, (2) pointing the muzzle in a safe direction, (3) removing the magazine, (4) pulling the slide to the rear and locking it back and (5) looking and feeling in the magazine well and chamber to confirm the pistol is empty. PT111 G2C daily carry with an Alien Gear shapeshift setup (generally pocket carry). Nothing else in the assembly changed. The GX4 trigger is great right out of the box. Our recoil springs are made to last of actual chrome silica spring wire and not music wire like other manufacturers. 99 Beautiful gun fun to shoot 300 rounds through it no problems, but I would go with the g2c it has adjustable sights witch makes a big difference. TANDEMKROSS Fiber Optic Front Sight $19. Millennium; PT-145 Millennium; PT-745 Millennium; PT-609; PT-640; and/or PT-24/7 (the “Class. With its streamlined, ergonomic design and rugged, compact polymer frame, you'll find the G2. I’ve seen the G2c guns offered as low as $199 but they usually run around $230 while the G3c has a street price of $250-$260. I loaded only 11 rds and let it sit for a couple of days then loaded the 12th round and let it sit for a few more days. Taurus G2C and G2S, by Pat Cascio. The second chart is the third letter and the third chart is the first letter in the serial number. The Taurus G2c series was engineered specifically for everyday carry—and it delivers. Overall, the sights on this pistol are average but far from the worst. The G3C is kind of an odd duck, which is not always a bad thing. 26” 12+1 (2) PENNY NO RES Free Ship CC! 725327616030 Taurus 111 G2C 3 inch " barrel. The pending settlement would provide eligible class members with different forms of relief, including inspection and repair of their pistols, replacement pistols and cash payments if consumers choose to return their pistols. However, sometimes even the most careful parents can unknowingly purchase a product that has been recalled. The Taurus G3c 9mm pistol offers an improved trigger with wider trigger safety lever; better sights; forward slide serrations; and scallops on the magazine extension and at the bottom of the grip frame. Territories, Hawaii, and Alaska. Fired a box of FMJ target loads at 15 yards expecting to have to adjust the sights. They have recalled many of their dangerous guns that don't always go bang when they should as well as their firearms that sometimes DO go bang when they should not. I let a friend who came to the range with me, and was new to handguns, try it out. Lakeline LLC Threaded Target Barrel for the 9mm Taurus G3X, G3C, G2C. 99; In Stock Brand: Taurus; Item Number: 1-G2C939-12LP; Taurus G2C 9mm Sub-Compact Pistol with Gray Frame $269. A car recall can be for a major fault that makes the vehicle unsafe to drive or to make sure it conforms to laws like federal emission standards. Recoil Assembly for the 9mm Taurus PT111-G2, G2S, G2C, G3X and G3C pistol that includes: Fully Assembled Recoil Assembly. Taurus G2C compared to Taurus PT 111 Millennium. I have only had 2 FTE’s in that time both Winchester White box 115 grain. I requested that I receive a G2c. Sight Style: Square Notch Rear + Front, U Notch Rear + Front, Front Sight Only. “The settlement affects customers who bought the …. But if you get it unharmed, polish the shit out of the feed tamp. The cut out on the barrel from this feature on the G2 remains to serve as a window to visually inspect. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at eBay. 2-inch barrel, 12+1 capacity, and a comfortable ergonomic grip. Related Products Quick view Add to Cart. ProMag Taurus 92 9MM Magazine 32 RDS Love it fit my Taurus g3 and Taurus g2 no problems!! 5 Awesome. The result is a GLOCK G45-ish combination, although the Taurus G3X is slightly more compact. The 2013 settlement covers the following Taurus pistols: PT-111 Millennium; PT-132 Millennium; PT-138 Millennium; PT-140 Millennium; PT-145. Rest of the Pistol was very nice, and well put together. Taurus renamed the PT111 Millennium G2 as the G2C (for "compact"), then dumped the PT709 Slim and created a single-stack variant of the G2 dubbed the G2S, for "slim. This handgun also comes with a steel ramp front sight, an …. The Sao Paulo state police recalled 98,000 Taurus pistols after concluding that they were prone to fire when dropped or when the safety was engaged. Whether you need a replacement magazine or additional mags to add to your collection, this magazine is great. Best Taurus G2C Accessories & Upgrades. The PT-111 had a barrel length of 3. If Taurus could duplicate the trigger used in the well-received PT 709 Slim pistols, they would have a very impressive compact firearm. An upgrade over the original, with superior grip treatment and a new matte-finished slide. Loaded, it balances well in the hand and isn’t too snappy, about on par with an M&P Shield. If you only have $200 bucks to buy a single stack 9mm, the Ruger EC9s and Taurus G2S might have caught your eye. The plaintiff, an Alabama resident. 00 - Used 9MM LUGER P8 TAURUS MODEL PT111 G2A G2C PISTOL 9 MM Sold Location: Clinton Township, MI 48035. Slide Jamming Problems During my hands-on testing of the Taurus G2C, I often noticed that the slide locks on some used models would get stuck. Taurus® is totally committed to the very highest standards of quality, dependability, and most of all customer satisfaction. This guns initial impressions are quite good, stay tuned for a more updated review after some more rounds are. Asmund Short Stroke Trigger for Taurus G2c, G2s, PT111 G2, …. 2-inch barrel with a matte stainless finish. Peanut butter is a staple in many households, but recent recalls have left consumers wondering if their favorite brand is safe to eat. Jump to Latest Follow 14103 Views 16 Replies 10 Participants Last Been waiting since April for the same thing on a 24/7 g2c, have traded for a 111 but still nada its Nov now. The cheapest Glock—a brand that works a different part of the handgun market—is $469. One commonly reported problem with Ford Taurus transmissions is transmission failure. Thus, the tie is broken and the first point goes to … Taurus G2c. At present, I have 2 PT-111 G2’s, a PT-809, and a PT-92, all shoot great, so I’m not a Taurusphobe any more. With its affordable price tag, you get serious bang for your buck – an accurate, reliable handgun that is serviced by a range of aftermarket accessories. How does the Taurus Three-Position Safety Work? Can the 455 Tracker (45ACP) shoot 45 Auto Rim? Can I dry fire my Taurus? What does the loaded chamber indicator on Taurus pistols do? Here we have common questions about our firearms, please check it out before creating a new ticket. Founded in 1924 as a tool and die forging plant, [citation needed] the company now consists of Taurus Armas, its firearm division, as well as other divisions focusing on metals manufacturing, plastics, …. Tarus g2c 9mm not loading. Taurus PT58 380ACP Stainless Slide Original Complete PT58S. TWS Discussion starter · Aug 23, 2021. I bought the last one that the Falk Rd. The TaurusTX 22 is the most advanced 22LR rimfire pistol around, engineered to …. Taurus G2C Cheap or an Excellent Value?. A TAURUS MILLENIUM G2 pistol is currently worth an average price of $186. FREE delivery Sat, Aug 12 on $25 of items shipped by Amazon. Lakeline Ported Barrel for the 9mm Taurus G3X, G3C, G2C, G2S and PT111 G2. If you are experiencing odd smells, such as toast or nuts, that could be the result of a recent head trauma. These have a rugged polymer frame that includes …. I have trusted my life to a Taurus more than once. I let a friend who came to the range with me, and was new to handguns try it out. No problems with failing to load, misfires or jammed rounds. View Details TR23G Green Laser for Taurus PT111 / PT140 Millennium G2 / G2S / G2C / G3 / G3C / G3X. To Taurus’ credit, even with the stock triggers, the G2c guns represent, in my mind at least, a big improvement for Taurus over the harsh triggers so common five or ten years ago in their production semi-autos. READ CAREFULLY BEFORE USING YOUR FIREARM …. Taurus will inspect, repair, and return your gun for free if you have one of the affected models. Enter the serial number (no spaces) of your firearm and click on "Search" to identify your model. Randyc159 Discussion starter · Aug 25, 2019. Cant Retention - Cover Mag-Button - No Wear - No Jitter. It's smaller but due to its trigger is easier to shoot well. Switched the mag release for left. For an extra $20-$30, you get a better set of sights. Or fastest delivery Fri, Aug 11. 20In 2X 12Rds Tan/Black Pistol gritrsports. Buy Now: Your choice for personal protection. Unloaded, the 709 weighs in at 19 ounces. The Taurus G2C has made quite an impact on the conceded carry market by being a great budget pistol that is very reliable. From my limited experience with the GX4 it is definitely capable and reliable for EDC. If you are unsure of, or have questions about our shipping or return polices you may contact us, and we will happily answer any questions you might have. The G2C is an inexpensive handgun, to be sure, …. The G2C is an inexpensive handgun, to be sure, but don’t write it off too hastily. 40 S&W and comes in several finishes. It has a compact profile, and 10-round magazine capacity (12 rounds in the 9MM model) and was designed to be comfortable for small- or large-handed shooters. Everything else seems to be working fine except that, about 20% of the time, the round gets caught going into the chamber. Went shooting with my son he has a CPX2 and I have a G2C both are accurate and dependable, but we both loaded some steel case 9mm that is where the difference started. I bought a box of federal premium hst 150 grain and the round. I bought the Taurus G2c a couple of years ago when they were under $200. Filter products to compare by specs and price. Stainless Tactical Package for the Taurus G3X, G3C, G2C, PT111 G2 or G3C TORO. TAURUS TAURUS G2C WITH EVERDAY CARRY KIT. A Customer Care agent will be available to assist you Monday-Friday from 8:00AM-6:00PM ET. New G2c cartridge jam upon racking new magazine. Taurus Small Frame Revolver Yoke Screw Assembly Stainless. The Taurus G3C is a popular handgun in the firearms community. Shop the Taurus G2 semi-auto pistol at Bass Pro Shops for concealed carry use. An unrivaled, performance leading icon in 45 ACP & 9mm. 45 Cal SS, G3C, GX4, TX22, Charles Daly AR-12 Semi-Auto 12ga Mossberg Shockwave & Maverick 88 12GA, ATI …. comFollow my tiktok at https://vm. Taurus PT111 G2: Trigger Fix. Photo is my G2C 40 S&W with this setup. Follow the steps outlined below: Step 1: Examine your rear sight for two screws. I'm guessing that Taurus will simply rename the 709s so they can eliminate the 'lifetime warranty' and go to the new 1 year coverage. Experienced half a dozen failure to come to full battery. Some might accuse Taurus of crossing PT111 G2 out and writing G2C in crayon, and that's exactly what happened. Taurus TX22 Non-Threaded Barrel $49. Front Ring Color: White, Orange, Yellow. Both are small enough to concealed carry but could be large enough to fit a role like …. 9mm Luger PT111 Millenium G2 Taurus G2C Black Lifetime Warranty NO RESERVE! Jims 1646-2. silverstring · #9 · Feb 17, 2021. Taurus makes some innovative steps from time to time and certainly marches to the beat of their own drum. Jokes aside, Taurus has been producing firearms since 1941 and have a wide variety of pistols and revolvers in their product line. harold63 Discussion starter · Oct 13, 2020. 25 in; Thin profile is ideal for conceal carry; Manual and trigger safety. Whether full-size, compact, or micro-compact, we …. All downloadable content is subject to change and is provided here for reference purposes only. Also, with the barrel of the G3C installed into the G2C, I was able to recreate the issue, BUT, not. One example is the Takata recall, in which millions of cars had defective airbags. The G2c and G3c benefit greatly from a Keep Tinkering trigger. Rack Assist, Optic Mount, Asmund Trigger, Stainless Guide Rod Assembly, Performance Spring Kit, Turn-Key Carry Kit, and Traction Grips shipping now. With its streamlined, ergonomic design and rugged, compact polymer frame, you’ll find. Taurus TX22 Suppressor Thread Protector Gold PVD $14. With a street price of just at $200, we had to check one out and see if it’s a viable self-defense tool and what our. Caliber: 9mm Capacity: 15+1 Action: (With the buyer knowing all it’s problems) and it was OK, but it made me just want to get a Beretta 92 instead. 89 out of 5 based on 114 customer ratings. I think other states would get one that holds more in magazine. With the reassembled G3C the problem disappeared, it chambered the HST rounds flawlessly time after time. Learn more about the pistol on the Taurus website. The second letter indicates year of manufacture. in this video we look at the failure point of the taurus g2c subcompact pistol. This adjustable sight has easy to manipulate adjustment screws with positive clicks. It’s weaker than modern 9mm Luger, there’s no getting round that fact. Taurus PT111G2/G2c/G2s/TX22 Rear Sight Screw $1. 28 year law enforcement officer retired in 2013. In 2017, over 53 million recall notices were sent to drivers in America. The Taurus barrels have a short throat leading to the lands (rifling). Shop Palmetto State Armory Today and Save! Taurus G2C 9mm 3. Let’s talk about the Taurus TX22’s safety. Taurus sets the new standard for concealed carry handguns with the introduction of the new Taurus ® G2C series semi-automatic pistols. This gun is very popular in the US market due to its price point, as the Millennium G2c comes in at under $250 in most shops. Find a wealth of Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 accessories, Taurus G2C upgrades, and Taurus G2C parts, each embodying quality and compatibility, ensuring your Taurus G2 and G2C achieve unparalleled refinement and reliability. Taurus Firearm Forum">The G. com : OWB Paddle Holsters for Taurus G2C Taurus …. Taurus sights are known for being damaged during the removal process. Taurus gives you an attractive slide with an adjustable rear sight on the G3C. com : Taurus PT111 G2 G2C G3 G3C OWB Holster, Tactical Belt Holster Fit Taurus Millennium G2 G2C PT111 PT132 PT138 PT140 PT145 PT745(Not Pro) Adjustable Cant, Your Recalls and Product Safety Alerts; Help; English United States. Gold Tactical Package for the 9mm Taurus G3X, G3C, G2C, PT111 G2 and G3C TORO with Thread Protector MSRP: $187. What You Should Do: Ford will notify owners, and dealers will inspect the fuel PEM part number and replace the fuel PEM, as necessary, free of charge. Your Recalls and Product Safety Alerts; Help; English United States. I do not have a picture of the problematic blade, instead providing a picture of a PT111 blade that does not have the trigger issue. The grip is on the thicker side because the stock magazines hold 12 rounds each. Taurus TH40 40 S&W Full-Size DA/SA Pistol (10-Round Model) $349. It's clean and lubed up and I personally can't see anything visually that tells me much. My guess is it will not see very much range time, but are there any immediate issues anyone is having/has had with theirs. Taurus G2c Gold PVD 9MM Barrel $59. For this reason, many people would just rather spend a bit more to get something that will absolutely be more reliable. The primary problem with the Taurus G2c is related to the trigger. Witness holes at 5 and 12 round capacities – perfect with the high-vis follower. There is also another version available that comes with either two 10-round magazines or two 15-round magazines, for those that live in areas that have restrictions …. The Millennium G2’s compact and lightweight 22 oz. Add to Cart The item has been. I will say, I find their choice for a double/single action striker fired gun interesting. Talon Grips are the most popular brand, and they make stick-on grips for Glock, S&W, and Taurus pistols. There is a Taurus recall forum and a Taurus firearms recall website though, from which you can get the latest update on the Taurus firearms recall status. Rack Assist Back Plate for Taurus G3, G3c, G2, G2c, and G2s Pistols. He did also have 1 TH9 that was ran in the class too. The EGW red dot sight mount adapter plates for Taurus G2S, G2C, G3, PT111 G2, PT140 G2, PT709, PT740, and TX22 are meant to be installed in place of the rear sight. However I have owned and reviewed so many pistols, and I ended up with S&W's as my personal carry/HD weapons. PT-92, 945, G2C, 9mm, 66, 605 & 45 LC Gaucho; just to name a few! If these two do not mate smoothly and operate congenially, this could be the root of all your problems. The second chart is the third letter and the third chart is …. “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize. LG-385H Lasergrips® with IWB Holster for Taurus Revolvers (Rubber Overmold) If you are using a screen reader or other assistive technology and are having problems using this website, or if you have any other difficulties accessing this. One thing it does take some time to get used …. Such was the case with Taurus Armas, S. On comparison I noticed that the exterior of the barrel on the G2C was not quite as smooth as the G2. These are incredibly difficult to …. ArmaLaser Red Laser Sight with Grip Activation. The Taurus G2C is a very affordable CCW pistol with a high 12+1 capacity and great reliability (so far) but still suffers from a long and gritty trigger, external safety, and possibly the brand for some. Taurus G2C, Taurus PT111 G2, Taurus 709 Slim, Ruger LCP 380, PSA AR-15 …. Hollow-point defensive ammo has a truncated cone or flat nose profile. I have a few hundred rounds through it now with no problems. The price difference is similar whether you purchase online by the 1000-rd case, or buy 50/100 round boxes at the local store. The demand of new TAURUS G2C pistol's has fallen …. OWB Paddle Holsters for Taurus G2C Taurus Millennium PT111 G2 G3 G2S G3C G3X G3XL PT132 PT138 PT140,Taurus TX22,360 ° Adjustable Outside Waistband Pistol Holster Trigger Release - Right Hand. Width is really where this pistol shines, though. I will have a range review for the Taurus G2s coming s. Original story: Firearms manufacturer Taurus has agreed to a voluntary recall of nearly 1 million pistols as part of the settlement of a lawsuit that alleges nine handgun models had defects. Would not cycle Armscor 115gr fmj,or Hornady American Gunner 9mm ammo. I bought a Taurus G2c a couple of years ago when they were under $200 just to see what the fuss was about. G3C: WHICH GUN IS RIGHT FOR YOU?. Taurus Updates G3 Sight System. Taurus is dodging this recall by constantly pushing the Final Court Settlement date off into the future. Taurus GX4 Problems: #1 The Trigger. 40 caliber handguns after discovering the pistols could discharge with the safety engaged. The new Millennium G2 PT 111 meets all of the important requirements for a subcompact concealed-carry pistol, and then some. Like so many guns these days, the 9mm G2s subcompact comes in a simple cardboard box that contains the weapon, manuals, assorted paperwork, and two (yes, 2) 7-round magazines. Specifications: # of Mags: 2; Overall Length: 6. Craft portable holster to protect your Taurus G3C Holster. It has been up there in price, but I got an email offer today for one for $269. 8 inches and the 1-inch width makes sure it doesn’t print on loose clothing. I don't recall having any issues with it. Taurus ready to rebuild credibility, but hurdles still ahead. The Taurus Millennium G2, also known as the Taurus G2C, is a staple of the Brazilian company. ◀Previous Post Next Post “Firearms manufacturer Taurus has agreed to a voluntary recall of nearly 1 million pistols as part of the settlement of a lawsuit that …. There are some companies that are offering minor upgrades such as better sights and recoil spring and a steel guide rod. The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield is 6. Taurus shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for malfunctioning of the firearm, or for physical injury or property damage, resulting in whole or in part from (1) criminal or negligent discharge, (2) improper or careless handling, (3) unauthorized modifications, (4) defective, improper hand-loaded, or reloaded ammunition, (5). I was sent a Taurus GX4 pistol a little over a month in advance of its official unveiling online and I got to put the pistol through its paces, carry it and really see how much value Taurus has put into this brand new pistol. Do you think the Taurus G2C is the best handgun for the money? In this video, we explore that question. Customer Service; About Us; Investor Relations; Careers; Environmental, Social & Governance; Affiliate Program; Need Help? Find A Store. In the middle of the circle is an arrow pointing to number 3, with a 1 and an 8 on each side of the zero, the manufacture date. The Taurus G3C delivers as a reliable, ergonomic, and economic CCW for the average person. 45 slide lock acted just like that. Keep the gun out of reach and wait a while before reloading. The Taurus comes with a manual safety and measures 1. Posted by J K L on Apr 9th 2023 Good fit and finish with great price but shipping is a bit lagging. Straight SAO Short Stroke Trigger for Taurus PT111/140 G2/G2C/G2S. ◀Previous Post Next Post "Firearms manufacturer Taurus has agreed to a voluntary recall of nearly 1 million pistols as part of the settlement of a lawsuit that alleges nine handgun models had defects, including one that caused some to inadvertently fire when dropped," al. The overall design is awfully similar to the hammer-fired Taurus PT-809, the same one that was blueprinted on. Lakeline Stainless Steel Guide rods have a reputation for being tough, really tough! The Lakeline Recoil assembly is designed to be the last recoil assembly. My first and biggest problem is mine …. Additionally, there is a loaded chamber indicator atop the slide, providing a physical and visual reference for shooters. Thread protector cap is sold separately. Lakeline threaded target barrel for the 9mm Taurus G3X, G3C, G2C, G2S and PT111 G2. The second option for your Taurus G2C is the Olight PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie tactical light. 350 Legend vs 300 Blackout Rounds; 6. People were shot, AND people were killed from their guns going off when they should not have. The single-stack Taurus G2s series pushes subcompact pistol boundaries to the limit with its unprecedented design advances and full-feature performance. " For those wondering, the name is the only thing that's different. ace777 Discussion starter · Jul 27, 2014. The Taurus G2C series was created specifically as a semi-auto concealed carry option that is available in both 9mm and. polymer frame, thin profile, and ramped 3. This one without the issue is noticeably thinner than on my PT140 that did have the issue. Something to be aware of Taurus owners. Loaded with reloaded 9mm Ammo (115-grain) from Ammo Depot. Magazine Parts – The Important Differences. If its a problem send it in and they will replace the spring. Had to slap the slide forward then the weapon would shoot. The Taurus PT 24/7 G2 combine the best features from the Taurus 800 Series, 24/7 Series and 24/7 OSS and is a solid design and a good shooter at an amazing price, but it needs a lighter trigger and a little better QC to be really great. Enter the serial number (no spaces) of your firearm and click on “Search” to check the status of your firearms repair. Since Taurus G2C is designed to be a CCW, it shows in its compact size which can cause a little difficulties while being used by a shooter with larger hands. my 17 round mag gives me problems. Taurus G3/G3XL Black DLC Barrel $59. Gun Review: Colt 1911 Government Series 80. My wife's gun is a pt111 3rd generation 9mm ,called Taurus they said I pay shipping then they would send me a G2 S black on black with 2 7 round magazines since I live in Maryland. Taurus G2c vs Taurus G3 size comparison. About the Taurus G2C Trusted by budget-minded target shooters and personal defense shooters across the country, the Taurus® G2C is a polymer-framed, striker-fired centerfire pistol, Designed and manufactured by Taurus® Armas in Brazil. Taurus released this model to compete with rival Concealed Carry Weapons. Shop Taurus G2C at MidwayUSA! We carry a wide selection of Pistols, Parts, and Accessories for the Taurus G2C. Taurus PT 111 G2 Magazine 32-Rd Steel Blue 9mm. That’s what the food processing company General Mills announced in a vo. Made with 2 parts, and aluminum front and plastic rear, that lock together with an included screw. Taurus G2Cbetter than a Glock?. It's light, slim, simple to run, reliable and it is combat accurate. 45, PT111 9mm) during a simulated drop. A Taurus man who likes a girl will be persistent in his attraction for her and is unlikely to give up if she pushes him away initially, and will open doors for her as a gentlemen would. The gun is slightly larger than a Sig P365, but falls in that 'comfortable weight in the hand' bracket. However, it is a frustrating experience and can create a dangerous. Lakerfan34 July 13, 2023, 3:55am 3. In 2015 the PT-111 Millennium, PT-132 Millennium, PT-138-Millennium, PT-140 Millennium, PT-145 Millennium, and PT-745 Millennium were included in the settlement of a lawsuit which alleged that they, and certain other Taurus handguns, could fire accidentally if dropped and that Taurus covered up the safety defects. Your legal rights are affected whether you act or do not act. Taurus G3C Holster, Taurus G2C Holster IWB Kydex Holster Taurus …. In fact, the C in G2C stands for Compact. Taurus G2C 1-G2C4031-10O 40 S&W, $250. This slow motion footage show three Taurus pistols (PT 24-7. Chances are, you’ll get accidental discharges just by dropping the gun with a loaded chamber. These streamlined, performance-driven autoloaders strike the ideal balance between comfort and confidence in both self-defense and target shooting …. Failure to Return to Full Battery. The Driscoll Firm, LLC, is currently investigating claims of injuries and deaths caused by several models of Taurus pistols that were the subject of a massive voluntary recall in 2015. Welcome to Shop Taurus, the premier online store for Taurus brand parts, gear, apparel, & accessories to customize, support, & maintain your firearms. A J-frame holster, made for that series of guns that have a cylinder width of 1. The biggest concern I had with this gun is the trigger. Recoil Assembly for the 9mm Taurus G3X, PT111-G2, G2S, G2C, and G3C pistol that includes: Fully Assembled Recoil Assembly. We'll post on here if we make any discoveries. "It’s a tolerance stack on the trigger bar. One of the most common causes of a check engine light on the Ford Taurus is the failure of an oxygen sensor. Taurus G2C 9 mm 10-Round Magazine. Below you will find the product specifications and the manual specifications of the Taurus G2C. Taurus pistol recall: Firearms company voluntary recalls ">Taurus pistol recall: Firearms company voluntary recalls. This gun packs more power than the G22C, but it also has more recoil. Performance Parts & Upgrades. Shortly after I bought it I ran roughly 125 rounds through it to check function and it performed flawless. The SLIM is a thin, single-stack 9mm handgun that was developed for the concealed carry market. Cleared the jam, racked again and same thing happened, wouldn't fully rack. Holding the Taurus GX4 at SHOT Show 2022. The G2S -- and the “S” stands for “Slim” -- this one only holds 7-rounds in a single-stack magazine. I thought at first that I might have been bumping the magazine release, but after I made sure I was clear from it, I still had the issues. Taurus G3C Review: Ditch Your G2C?. He is accused of selling Akram a semi-automatic Taurus G2C pistol on Jan. The following Taurus handguns, previously covered under a one-year warranty, will now be covered under a Limited Lifetime Warranty: Taurus® G2c, G2s, TH series, Taurus TX22, 1911 Commander, 1911 Officer, Taurus Spectrum®, Raging Hunter®, 856, and 692 revolvers. ACCURACY AND RANGE PERFORMANCE. See all our pistol models suitable for everyday concealed carry. When it comes to the safety of your vehicle, staying informed about any potential recalls is crucial. A Taurus PT 24/7 G1 15 round 40S&W magazine will fit & function in a Taurus G2C 40S&W. Prior to that it had been almost ten years since my last Taurus, but between Model 85 that was dangerously …. Cheaper Than Dirt!’s top-selling Taurus G2C features a matte stainless steel slide and black polymer frame. It is bigger than a Glock 26 but smaller than a Glock 19. Reviewing the G2C again but this time in 40s&w. 1 The settlement does not include Taurus G2 model pistols. This trigger is strong and long-lasting, comparable to aluminum. The sight is clean, low-profile, and secure. The CPX2 will feed the steel case ammo and fire it but will not extract it, he had to knock out the cases with a cleaning rod, the G2C fed the …. Dcox88 said: I just picked up a new G2C on Monday and after dropping the mag out a few times, it began to fail to lock in place and the magazine release button and spring fell out. In this video we'll check out the Taurus G2C chambered in 9 mm. 99; In Stock Brand: Taurus; Item Number: 1-G2C931-12G; Taurus G2c 9mm Sub Compact Pistol with Burnt Bronze …. Taurus Millenium G2 Pistol Review: A Compact King. REVIEW] Taurus Millenium G2 9mm Sub. Although plenty of PT111 models exist and can still be purchased, the upgraded design is obviously more widely available. Taurus TX22 Suppressor Thread Protector Blue PVD. This was further validated when I measured the slide tension. Rtix10 Discussion starter · Jan 7, 2019. 5 Grendel vs 300 Blackout Rounds; 6. The tapered dovetail fitting makes installation easy with special tools or gunsmithing. Aside from the hate Taurus deservedly and undeservedly receives on Reddit, the G2C is a compact gun the same size as those smaller single stack 9s. The budget-friendly price point the Taurus G2C offers speaks for itself, but the fact that it is also a reliable and comfortably accurate choice makes it a go-to conceal carry option. Striker-Fired Full-Sized Pistol Chambered in 9mm Luger. Other than the take up, the trigger action was lighter, as smooth, and a little crisper break than the other two high dollar pistols. The phone number is 1- (800)327-3776. Ins and Outs of the Best Taurus G2C Sights: 6 Picks with Pros …. The G2C, reviewed here, is a doublestack model of what’s basically the same gun that gives you 5 more rounds. 2″ barrel 12-round magazine 3-dot sights Overall length: 6. Taurus has made several different. 8-inches with the small backstrap (and 6. Keep Tinkering SAO Short Stroke Trigger. Dive into detailed review of the Taurus G2C pistol. The first chart is the second letter in the serial number. Car recalls can be annoying, but they’re also not something you want to ignore. Welcome to the official Facebook page of Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc. Another essential option is a holster and a trigger upgrade. This magazine extension fits Taurus G2C, G3C, PT111 G2, or G3XL, with the 17 round factory magazine. The Taurus G2C was purpose-built for the concealed carry market, with every feature designed for comfort, concealability, and reliability. We also discuss if it effects the …. Canik TP9 Elite SC vs Taurus G2C: Which One Is The Best. Jif peanut butter, a popular brand, has been included in recall lists due to potential contamination with. Smith & Wesson MP9 Shield Plus 9mm Micro Compact Pistol with Thumb Safety 13+1 Rounds. Then I closely compared the G2C with my slightly older PT-111 G2. I have about 400-500 rounds through it now. March 2021 (Bainbridge, GA) – Taurus, manufacturer of premium handguns for defense, hunting, and sport shooting, has just introduced an in-line change of its popular G3 9mm pistol. Traction Grip Overlays for Taurus G3c, G2c, Millenium G2, PT111 G2, PT111 G2c, and PT140 G2 Pistols. Taurus G2C 9mm Review: Affordable, Reliable Concealed Carry">Taurus G2C 9mm Review: Affordable, Reliable Concealed Carry. Seems like Taurus faired pretty well in his test. Some of the most common problems with the Taurus G2C include feeding, Trigger, extraction, incomplete bullet discharge, slide jamming, and many more. Ade Advanced Optics HG54G Strobe Laser Sight for Pistol Handgun. The G2 breaks down to frame, barrel, recoil spring, and slide. Taurus also gave the G2 melted edges to prevent snugging, thereby providing a quick and easy pull plus easy concealment. This limited-time rebate covers all G-series models, including the G3, G3c, G2c, and the GX4. 53 inch barrel length with SAAMI specification chamber. The Taurus G3C was a sneaky one. Just purchased this pistol and having problems with it fully loading how appoint into the chamber, pipe let me know if you have this kind of problem how do I. com: Taurus G2c Accessories. Taurus G2C IWB Holster Right Hand Fits Taurus PT111 Millennium G2/G2C Pistol Holster & Universal 9mm/. TWS Discussion starter · Oct 12, 2021. A dependable CCW is always a great self-defense item to have on hand and getting one within your budget is always a perk. Taurus G2c 2 Pack 12rds Magazine $59. The only reasonable price pistol that’s reliable I found is a SCCY, got mine for under $200. Its design emphasizes affordability, reliability, and ease of use. Many shooters are clueless on how to sight in their pistols. The new value of a TAURUS G2C pistol has fallen ($34. Somehow, despite all the odds and options, the older Taurus G2c semi-auto 9mm pistol consistently landed as one of the best-selling guns on Guns. Do everything in your power to find a G3 mag. This single-action firearm with Restrike capability is equipped with a loaded. Order your Taurus firearms direct from your online source for guns, gun parts, ammo, and more. I know that the barrel is supposed to tilt. Material: The trigger is made of nylon polymer, which is a similar material to the G2c’s original trigger. Many people saying theirs worked perfect out of the box with no problems. 40 S&W has a suggested retail price of $316. But I just can’t get past its butt-ugly looks. The G2 release is small and rather hard to operate even when intended. I would rather have 12rds of 9x19 than 12rds of 9x18, and cheap 9x19 is way cheaper than cheap 9x18 plinking ammo. Rest assured & informed our team will take great care of your serviced gun or part. (Miami, FL) –Taurus USA sets the new standard for concealed carry handguns with the introduction of the new Taurus® G2C series semi-automatic pistols. With its double stack magazine it has a 12+1 capacity. 20In 7Rd Semi-Automatic Pistol (1-G2S931C) 9 more deals from gritrsports. "This is not an anti-firearms lawsuit. Like the G2c, the G3c has thankfully continued to omit the key lock found (and mostly ignored) on the G2. This review has been requested by several viewers and it's finally here! In this video we will take a close-up look at th. The standard capacity for the G2c and G3c is 12+1, and the G2c weighs in at 20. com/watch?v=lSOHvncPVfIUpgraded Parts: https://www. It is not catching on the feed ramp, but rather on the top of the inside of the chamber. Firearms Here we have common questions about our firearms, please check it out before creating a new ticket. I had the same problem with the 12 rd mag that came with my 24/7 Pro C DS. # of Mags: 2 Overall Length: 6. And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Taurus G2C 9mm Sub-Compact Pistol with Purple Frame and Black Slide $244. Remove the rear sight on your gun and replace it with our mount in order to mount your Vortex Viper, Vortex Venom, Burris FastFire, or Docter red-dot sight. Everything worked, no jams at all. I’m good, so far, but no doubt there will be some purchasers who have issues. Consolidating some info from another thread so I don't have to retype it. Problem #1 Taurus G3C Jamming Issues. Weight-wise you’re looking at about 18. ” – Voltaire but everything seemed ok. —the parent company of Taurus firearms in the U. Just buy the Palmetto state dagger for $300 plus shipping, etc. I don't think that the Taurus warranty transfers to new owners on th G2C. Liked about 1/4 inch returning to full battery. What Are Some Common Problems With Ford Taurus Transmissions?. MilPro does not have the decocker and has SA trigger with 2nd strike capability. Post-Repair Testing for Feed Correction. A Complete Guide For Taurus G2C 9mm Pistol. Taurus Small Frame Revolver Yoke Screw Assembly Stainless $5. I just bought a new PT111 G2 on black Friday. Buy Now: A new standout in concealed carry …. This compact everyday carry pistol has a single action with restrike and a 12-round capacity, as well as a fixed front sight and drift adjustable rear sight. I would recommend trying some new factory ammo. Formerly called the PT111 G2C, the Taurus G2C is available in 9mm and. The jacket profile is engineered to be precise and consistent, giving accurate shots every time. Please enter the serial number of the firearm to be serviced:. Grip is almost like sandpaper and the double. Sent it to Taurus and since the 709 is no longer produced, they replaced it with a G2c. Taurus G2C comes with standard three-dot style plastic sights. Turns out it has great ergonomics, is reliable, reasonably accurate, and a great little carry gun. I ordered the front sight only option as my. A proven design combined with the patented Taurus Ribber Grip® means you’ll have no. Peanut butter is a household staple for many families, but what happens when a recall is issued for a popular brand like Jif? In recent years, Jif has had to recall some of their peanut butter products due to potential contamination. Best Concealed Carry Insurance in 2022 Best Taurus G2c Accessories and Upgrades [2022] Taurus 85 Ultralite Hands-On Review; …. The bottom line is this: if all you have to spend is about $250, it's an incredible value gun for the money. The first 2 or 3 rounds out of the magazine would get jammed between the slide breech face and the feed ramp. 40 caliber version (the cost is identical), but was informed that, due to the class action settlement, the only weapon that was being offered as a replacement was the G2c 9mm. com: Taurus Pt111 Accessories. It’s 15rd and bloody wheels makes a gap sleeve for it. Your 147 grain rounds are being jammed into the lands hence the slide will not lock in battery. On comparison I noticed that the exterior of the. The Taurus G2C is a dependable and affordable compact pistol designed for concealed carry and self-defense. On the first rack it didn't load completely, so I pressed on the slide and it racked. Please include a description of the claimed defect, along with your name, address, telephone number, model and serial number of your firearm, proof of purchase, and. I never thought about ammo being the culprit. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs: Amazon …. “The Class Pistols are defective and unreasonably dangerous because the common design of the Class Pistols suffers from a defect which renders the Class Pistols subject to a dangerous weakening and fracturing of the pistol. You can see the results and how the G2C compares to other popular pistols here: Tension Rankings. The C stands for Compact; notably, the G3C is a shrunken variant of the G3. taurus factory and reproduction replacement magazines made to the same design specifications as the original factory magazines that came with the gun. The striker-fired G3X supports 15- or 17-round magazines in the world’s most popular caliber. Ralph_Kirk · #6 · Apr 29, 2020. Taurus GX4 Review: Underrated Handgun?. This Taurus G2C magazine also comes with several advanced features: Steel construction and self-lubricating components. There are a Taurus recall forum and a Taurus recall website though, from which you can get the latest update on the Taurus recall status. Gun Review: Taurus PT111 Millennium G2. The G2C features an accessory rail, Three Dot Adjustable Rear Sight, textured grip, and melted edges for comfort. FREE delivery Wed, Jan 4 on $25 of items shipped by Amazon. Muzzle flip is quite manageable and the pistol indexes a threat quickly. 5mm thick) are available in rubber and granulate (often compared to sandpaper or gun grip tape) textures. FREE delivery Fri, Oct 13 on $35 of items shipped by Amazon. 40 caliber version (the cost is identical), but was informed that, due to the class action settlement, the only weapon that was being offered as a replacement was …. However, I'll take a Taurus over a SCCY any day. LG-385 Lasergrips® for Taurus Revolvers (Rubber Overmold) MSRP: $359. According to The Astrology of Love, the main ingredients necessary to capture the attention of a Taurus male include femininity, practicality and patience. I purchased a Taurus G2C 9mm yesterday, lubed it up, and headed to the range. Although Taurus has denied any design defects, wrongdoing or liability, the firearms manufacturer agreed to the recall of nearly one million of its pistols as part of the settlement of a class-action lawsuit. Took my new Taurus G3c to the range with five (5) ten round magazines. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs: Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers: 6pm. A small confession: I haven’t been to the range for a while, mostly due to the holidays and other demands on my time. With the worldwide popularity of the Taurus line of handguns we are confident that this new addition to our MCK family will be a huge hit within the firearms community. The Taurus G2C may be the answer for around 2 bills. The Taurus 1911 offers unrivaled performance & accuracy in 45 ACP & 9mm built on hammer forged steel frames available in Officer, Commander, & full-sized. It was probably a defective spring, springs can and do fail I saw one post of this problem on You Tube when I typed in PT111 G2 recoil spring problems or issues. Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions. With a 20% overall decrease in pull length in single and double action modes depending on the tolerances of your particular pistol, you can't go wrong. We're America's leading pistol parts supplier and have a wide selection of parts and. I know there is a sticky and a Taurus Web site for serial number lookup but the Web site does not work and the sticky does not have up to date information. If you are looking for a grip extension that fits your Taurus PT111 Millennium G2, G2C or G3C 9mm double stack 12 rd magazine, you may want to check out the Hoollw Grips. The Ultimate Guide to Sighting a Pistol- Taurus G2C Adjustment. 0 out of 5 star rating (1) Product Recalls; E-mail Subscriptions; FAQ; Our Stores. Buy Now: A new standout in concealed carry performance. UM Tactical Qualifier Holster IWB / OWB Taurus G3X / G3c / G2c / G2s w / Viridian E-Series Red & Green Trigger Laser RH $49. Even though the newer G3 and G3c pistols are out, the Taurus G2C is still an excellent choice for concealed carry. Pistols, revolvers, and magnums like the TX22, TH-9, G2C , G2S, 608, 380, 44 at Guns. First post: I went to a nearby LGS and ended up buying a nice inexpensive truck gun, an all-black Taurus G2C with night sights. The G2C, G3, and G3C are all really great firearms and I recommend all of them. Thread starter play2mefish; Start date Mar 19, 2019; 1; 2; Next. The deputy's sidearm discharged upon impact even though the safety was engaged. The sear itself is only meant to depress from where the trigger bar pushes on it down low, so that doesn't seem abnormal that you can't easily push it down from the top. Taurus G2c Black DLC 9MM Barrel $59. Find Taurus PT-111 parts with Numrich Gun Parts Corp. So along comes Taurus with its CT9 G2. Constructed of 416R stainless steel. The all-new, optics-ready Taurus GX4™ is a palm-sized micro-compact 9mm that’s big on personal protection. A recall is in effect for all 24/7 G2 models. Other than that, most details remain the same. Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 trigger not functioning. You can get my short throw triggers and springs on my website: https://www. The G2C utilizes a striker-fired mechanism,. That was upped to about a fifth of …. Just thought I would share my experience with them. SMSlaser 550 Lumens Green Laser Light Combo for Subcompact and Compact Pistol Handgun, Taurus g2c Glock 19 Accessories, Type-C USB Rechargeable Built-in Battery, Designed in Colorado, USA. Taurus-branded firearms: PT-111 Millennium; PT-132 Millennium; PT-138 Millennium; PT-140. Well, Taurus PT111 G2 does come with reliable safety, thanks to the key-locking feature. This setup is simple, robust, and perfect for quick target acquisition in self-defense situations. I have yet to fire a single round through it and it has a round jammed into battle. Join Prime to buy this item at $21. Jump to Latest Follow 5712 Views 11 Replies 7 Participants Last post by jacinda, Mar 26, 2020. Thoughts on Taurus G2C 9mm. With 15 rounds at your disposal, it will definitely make shooting your Taurus G2C a lot more enjoyable. Taurus G3 9mm Pistol Review. Install a trigger guard or a combination lock around the trigger. Grip for Taurus Millennium Pro PT111/PT140 and G2C/G3C Extended Magazine $1. 0 (1) Taurus 1-GX4M93E GX4 9mm Pistol Product Recalls; About Academy. Taurus G3X Review: Best Concealed Carry Pistol Under $300?. The thing about the Taurus G2c which will cause problems for some shooters is the pistol’s double-action trigger and its very long pull. Unlock the full potential of your Taurus PT111 G2C with the ProMag 9mm 15 Round Magazine. However, the trigger and external safety are a couple of problems that G2c 9mm shooters may encounter. I wnet to pick them up at my FFL …. Based upon a YouTube video posted by the FireArm Guy younare not the only one to experience this. FREE delivery Sun, Oct 22 on $35 of items shipped by Amazon. It’s popular, well reviewed and at under $300, very affordable. Great night sight for Taurus GX4 TORO. Matte Stainless 9mm Luger Compact 12 Rds. Destined to become the standard that all 1911 pistols are compared to, the family of Taurus® 1911s offer you the most accurate and feature-laden models on the market today. This 9mm replacement magazine for the Taurus PT-111 G2c has a 32-round capacity. The gun trigger lawsuits comes just months after Taurus International reached a $30 million class action settlement over problems with nine models of Taurus 9mm pistols. This is my first firearm, so the love I have for it is like no other. Luckily, Taurus also arms its gun with a drop safety on the trigger. I compared both the M&P and G2c at the store and went with the G2c due to price and a bad customer service issue with my. Conceal Carry with more confidence with the Taurus G2C 9mm Pistol. Taurus G2c 9mm (2) SW M&P Shield 9mm (EDC) SW SW9VE 9mm. Built with precision and reliability in mind, it ensures. 00 - Used PT111 MILLENIUM G2 TAURUS PT-111 MILLENNIUM 9MM BLUE 3 1/4" *SEMI-AUTOMATIC PISTOL* HH 10. The G2C has an auto recock where all my Glocks have a dao, with no clickies after the first try. No jams, misfires, or ejection issues. The full-size G2 in 9mm holds a full 17 rounds of …. The TH9C is a 13+1 weapon, while the G2C is 12+1. Shop online for Taurus firearm replacement & upgrade parts, gear, tools, holsters, & accessories conveniently sorted by firearm model. A new standout in concealed carry performance. G2c and G2s Owners Manual Millennium G2 Owners Manual PT Series Owners Manual. See previous reporting about the suit in the Shooter’s Log here. RSA was not quite right, and would pop springs. Expertly crafted for the Taurus G2C, this 32-round magazine ensures a seamless fit and flawless performance. Fileds marked with * are required. The free shipping is good for items that are in stock at the time of purchase. Original story: Firearms manufacturer Taurus has agreed to a voluntary recall of nearly 1 million pistols as part of the settlement of a lawsuit that alleges nine handgun models had defects, including one that caused some to inadvertently fire when dropped. The Taurus G2C is lightweight and has a polymer frame with a 3. Although its compact size results in super easy concealment, the firepower is a little lower when compared to the Taurus G2C. Plus people like buying the latest pistol. With any mass-produced product, this is a possibility, and doesn’t necessarily speak poorly of either the model or the brand. People are having problems with the Taurus G2C either not loading or jamming. 40 S&W Pistol is a semiautomatic double-action pistol with a 10+1 capacity and a 3. Almost $200 if purchased separately. Frankly, I took possession of the G2 with. Sorry to hear about your trigger problem. Links (These Aww man I'm all outta cash!Looking for a reliable subcompact for your next concealed carry? The Taurus G2C may be the answer. Original story: Firearms manufacturer Taurus has agreed to a voluntary recall of nearly 1 million pistols as part of the settlement of a lawsuit that alleges nine handgun …. I received four of them from Taurus this week. Due to unforseen impact on the environment when manufactoring the slide parts for the 24/7 series when waste water is …. OK so if you missed my intro I and my family are new to …. And by that, I mean your safety when using this gun. So we’re going to take one right ou. As a parent, you want to provide the best for your child, and that includes their toys, clothes, and other products they use. Back when 9x18 was dirt cheap, they were more attractive. 2″ Overall weight: 22 ounces Taurus G2Cowners say: Affordable, smooth. 40 but budget was tight and at $362 for the Taurus and $625 for the XDM I took a chance and bought the Taurus. Fix for G2 'Notchy" Trigger "Catch". The used value of a TAURUS G2C pistol has fallen ($27. Taurus g2c feeding issue with underwood 90 gr. One of the most affordable pistols on the CCW market, the Taurus G2c is a high-quality handgun. It’s pretty slim and kind of has a triangle to the point. I have been putting together a chart of the dates and code. This ammo is designed to provide maximum stopping power while shooting in self-defense situations. I let a friend, who came to the range with me and was new to handguns, try it out. 3 The guns involved have a defect that sometimes causes them to fire even when the gun's safety was in its "on" position and/or. I know my G2C was manufactured in March of this year. Taurus G2C 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol. Firing Pin Spring and Return Spring for Taurus G2C, G2S, G3, G3C, G3X, G3XL, PT111 G2, PT 140 G2, 709 and 740 $8. Designed with concealed carry in mind, the Taurus G2C SS Restrike 9mm Pistol boasts rugged, compact polymer frame with a streamlined, ergonomic design and features a 3. I’ll also talk about a few of the Taurus G2C accessories, how it conceals and if I would carry the G2c, as well as how the gun shoots …. TaurusTX™ 22 Slide Cerakote FDE $99. The Winchester Ammo Silvertip is an excellent choice for Taurus G2C owners. Question: Part rattling in Taurus G2C : r/guns. According to the CPSC, the pistols may fire when dropped or …. Taurus TX22 Suppressor Thread Protector Bronze PVD $14. 3) I changed out the barrel of my Taurus G2C with the barrel of my G3C. It's going to be for a family member who doesn't have a gun, at all, and they are on a budget. I took it home and cleaned it up again. This guide will help you know where to look for reputable, accurate information pertaining to recalls for your ve. Looking at various comments on both videos, people have put several thousand rounds through their G2's without issue. Our Taurus G2c IWB Holsters Feature: Adjustable Retention, allows you to set the. FREE shipping on orders over $75 Taurus G2C 10-Round 9MM Factory Magazine. Taurus G3 / G3C / G2 / G2C Installation Service. The Taurus G2c is a widely respected pistol, known for its reliability and effective design, making it an ideal choice for concealed carry and personal protection. Battery compartment problems in some units; $99 Shop Now Click to read my review: Crimson Trace CMR-206 Rail Master Universal Laser: Green: Class 3R, 515-532nm, 5mW peak; An Overview of Taurus G2c. This was surprising to many considering the Taurus G2C is roughly half the price of a P365. Quick view Add to Cart Put over 100 rounds thru it so far, no problems. I had admired the Taurus but didn't know you could get it with night sights ($50 more). is a Georgia based holding company which owns some of the most robust firearms brands currently available on the US Market. With a Plus 2 extension, this the only Taurus G2C extended magazine on the market. Details; SKU: 5165448768: Model Number: 1-G2C939-12: Brand: Taurus: UPC: 725327616047: Qty. Always check local regulations before use. Still a dependable choice, the PT111 provided a perfect design to …. Taurus has offered good performance in their G3 handguns, better than most polymer frame striker fired pistols in this price range. Mar 19, 2019 #1 Well, the new Taurus G2C's have arrived. Sold Location: Liberty, KY 42539. Taurus G2C Review; Ruger SP101 Review; Mini-14 Ranch Rifle Review; Winchester Model 70 Featherweight Review; Taurus PT-1911 Review;. Eventually there will be multiple reviews on the Taurus G3 pistol on this page. It is a single-action (with restrike capability) semi-auto, chambered in 9mm, with standard features including an integral accessory rail, adjustable rear sights, a loaded chamber indicator, a trigger safety, and a …. Taurus G2C Holster, Kydex IWB Holster Custom Fit: Taurus G2C 9mm & Millennium PT111 G2 / PT140 Pistol - Inside Waistband Concealed Carry - Adj. The trigger on the Taurus G3C is an odd striker-fired trigger. How to Find the Latest Vehicle Recall Information. Taurus Magazine G3c/G2c 9MM 17 RDS $36. In this Taurus G2C review, I’ll run down the features and controls of the gun in detail. FWIW, I’ve heard of Taurus quality control problems in the past but my two examples of 10+ years ago or so have been completely reliable (PT1911 45 ACP and 431 Revolver in …. Fast Specs: Taurus 24/7 G2 Compact. The 32-page lawsuit, initially filed in Florida on February 2, 2021, calls the Taurus pistols “an inherently dangerous commodity” given they possess a latent design defect alleged to “repeatedly and verifiably manifest” with each product at issue—specifically the Taurus 738 TCP and 732 TCP pistols. 00 - Used TAURUS PT111 G2C - 9MM W/ 2 MAGS + MANUAL PT 111 G2 CONCEALED CARRY Sold Location: Reno, NV 89502 Sold Date: 10/16/2023 12:00:00 AM: $155. (when fully loaded), it really belongs to the most compact and lightweight carry guns currently available on the market. Review: Taurus 24/7 G2 Compact. Or at least the potential of it. For the price point, Taurus G2c is surprisingly a good gun. Specifications: Taurus G3X 9mm Pistol.