Eaton Ultrashift Clutch Replacement Cost Refer to CLIB-0036 for replacement criteria of the LCIB during clutch replacement . Genuine Eaton clutch installation kits have all the parts and instructions you need for longer clutch life, smoother shifts and less wear on your transmission. • Higher temperature resistance and improved bonding technology mean a longer lasting, more durable synchronizer replacement. Medium Duty Truck, Eaton Fuller FS6406 6 speed manual transmission Clutch Adjustment. If no issues found and properly greased, Go to Step K. Eaton: Fleets giving UltraShift Plus automated transmissions rave. Enter a competitor or Eaton part number to find Eaton replacement product options for hydraulic filter elements or industrial filter bags. An Eaton Clutch Installation Kit has all the parts and. The cost of transmission synchronizer replacement depends on where you live. Also, replace any related fuses, even if they look good, replace them. Transmission electronic control unit fault code 11 FMI 12. The gearbox was the same Eaton 18 speed but the changing of the gears was automated. K3784RX, 9C4Z7210A ,A-7670, K-3665, K-3784, A-8226, A-8900-- THIS IS FOR THE "WIDE FINGER" (. Your location and vehicle may affect the price of Clutch Replacement. Locate 4 shipping bolts (7/16" x 14 x 1 3/4" UNC, hex Use the Eaton Clutch Selector Guide to verify that the damper will fit into the flywheel bore. Differentials and traction control. Eaton requires clutch serial numbers to be provided for both take-off and replacement clutches to maintain clutch warranty coverage. Eaton UltraShift PLUS Transmissions TRDR0941 EN-US January 2014 Important: This is a quick reference guide only. “The Eaton UltraShift PLUS is often a significant discount to the truck buyer over a torque converted transmission. When the transmission is pulled to replace the clutch, replacing the clutch-related wear. (if equipped) *The first lube change may be extended to 500,000 miles (800,000 km) when a transmission has been factory …. The typical price range is between $3,000 on the low end and $7,000 on the high end. If you have an Eaton ultrashift, you may be experiencing gear-shifting problems. upon moving the truck it dropped into reverse and showed R1 on the display, but moving in reverse it shuddered as if it was in a higher gear, rolling back i heard a shift …. The noise is more noticeable during servicing inside a building or service bay and when the clutch inspection cover is removed. For driver safety classes, contact the MCDD schedulers at 1-800-325-6733. Driver Instructions UltraShift® PLUS Automated Transmission TRDR1110 EN-US April 2022 UltraShift PLUS Linehaul Active Shifting (LAS) UltraShift PLUS Linehaul Small Step Efficiency (LSE) UltraShift PLUS Multipurpose Extreme Performance (MXP) UltraShift PLUS Multipurpose High Performance (MHP) UltraShift PLUS Vocational Active Shifting …. This video provides a brief overview of the Cummins and Eaton SmartAdvantage Powertrain. The split shaft PTO is not available on the UltraShift with a DM3 clutch. Subject: Clutch Release System Wear/Damage – Endurant and PACCAR Transmissions. Clutch replacement labour cost. The UltraShift PLUS modular design minimizes cost and time of service; Impressive Warranty. Sometimes you can't take your foot off the brake and it will start rolling in reverse like you slowly let the clutch out. 75), for lcib 12 x-10-1005 washer x 3 1000 ,x10 1000 ,x10 1004 6 1. Clutch-Ultrashiftplus,2 In,14 Spline ECA Shipping Note: This Item Ships Oversize or LTL Freight: Please Contact Big Rig World for Shipping Costs before ordering. Output shaft is attached to driveline. A two-plate configuration is used for heavy duty applications and a single-plate for medium duty applications. Next to the top fitting is an identification marking of “CF,” which indicates that this fitting is for the cross-shaft. Transmission grinds going into high range when air pressure is to specification. The Fuller Advantage series 10-speed automated manual transmission is available in direct drive and overdrive ratios giving you the choice to spec the correct ratio for your fleet. The make, model and age of your car can all. Chapter 2: UltraShift PLUS and Fuller Advantage automated transmissions driving “do’s and don’ts. clutch replacement excessive cost Discussion in 'Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ]' started by menciamario, Apr 27, 2014. Eaton UltraShift PLUS automated transmissions driver instructions TRDR0941 Quick reference guide. It is a useful resource for truck drivers, fleet owners, and service technicians who want to optimize the performance and …. JMC Equipment has the best prices when it comes to the Norco 72037 Eaton Ultrashift 14 Spline Clutch Shaft. Includes part number 600007 clutch handler shaft adapter allowing splined shafts designed for the 5015A to be used on the 5018A. 5 The clutch using the original installation instructions for Eaton Solo medium duty Clutches or you can reach the nearest Eaton Roadranger Sales and Service office by calling 1-800-826-HELP (4357) from anywhere in North America 24 hours a day. Roadranger Call Center: +1 (800) 826-4357. Fault Code 64 Troubleshooting Gen2 ECA. 11 UltraShift MD DM ClutchRemove. Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies P. View online or download Eaton UltraShift PLUS FO-14E310C-LAS Service Manual. In Mexico, call 001-800-826-4357. This is a remanufactured by Eaton 14" (350mm) UltraShift DM Centrifugal Clutch Kit for use with Eaton UltraShift 6, 10, and 13-speed transmissions which . 115 Clutch Slip Testing Component Code 26 Isolation Procedures. After the “1” is displayed, depress the throttle pedal to the floor and hold for 3-5 seconds (the gear display will change back to a “0” with down arrows indicating the routine has been successfully completed. We not only stock Eaton Fuller 10 speed heavy-duty transmissions in new and rebuilt options we also sell genuine Eaton Fuller transmission parts including rebuild kits, gears, bearing kits, synchronizers, seal kits, bearings, countershafts, bell housings, input shafts, and more. Release the clutch pedal to register proper input shaft speed. Learn how to use ServiceRanger 4, the software tool for diagnosing and configuring Eaton products, with this comprehensive user guide in PDF format. The UltraShift PLUS fully engages the clutch at idle, giving the driver ultimate control in challenging situations, like parking lots,. Solo Advantage Heavy-Duty Clutch Installation Video. Procision delivers better fuel economy and more driver confidence in low-speed driving conditions and on grades and hills. The Initial Problem: Transmission to Eng. The AutoClutch uses a traditional two-plate configuration for heavy duty and single-plate for medium duty, complete with. These new Advantage clutches are the smoothest and most durable clutches Eaton has developed. This guide provides detailed instructions, diagrams, and troubleshooting tips for different models and applications. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for EATON FULLER INERTIA BRAKE KIT FUL-K3637 at the best online prices at eBay! Reasonable shipping cost. It is not enough to just replace the clutch disc. Ultrashift 10 speed auto sometimes won't go into gear. If 122002-35EX is unavailable, then part number 122002-35A can be used. While brand name, application, price and availability are a few of the factors that are often. 60 k-4134 13 x-1-1012 hex nut x-1-1005 6. The UltraShift trans-mission provides fully automatic operation (no clutch pedal) using an indus-try-preferred Eaton Fuller manual transmission coupled with electronic modules that automate the shifts. UltraShift PLUS LAS Clutch & Low Capacity Inertia Brake (LCIB) (Note 1) 3 years / 350,000 Miles (560,000 km) Note 6: Eaton highly recommends when a replacement is necessary that a like for like, should be used. (Only if slipping complaint is confirmed) Go to STEP V. Save labor costs and tooling expenses, and improve the efficiency of your transmission rebuilding operation, by using Fuller subassemblies. Karl Sievertsen, president and CTO of Eaton's Vehicle Group talks with Zari Venhaus about emissions regulation changes for commercial vehicle and how Eaton is developing technologies to support the industry. Jefro, just had problem w/ Ultrashift, took to Kw in Van Buren, Ar, excellent mechanic [Danny} discovered chaffed wire going to tranny controls, took $2. I disconnected the batteries, then everything worked properly. 25–00 Safety Precautions ; 25–01 Clutch Release Bearing Lubrication ; 25–02 Fluid Level Check, Hydraulic Clutch Control ; 25–03 Fluid Change, Hydraulic Clutch Control ; 25–04 Clutch Replacement, Detroit™ Automated Transmissions ; 26 Transmission. Installing an Eaton advantage clutch. Example: Solo Advantage for Solo Advantage. Depress clutch pedal slightly to break torque enough to move the shift lever to neutral. Volvo vnl with eaton fuller ultrashift no "pedal clutch" I…. Eaton Cummins transmissions, including popular models such as Detroit™ DT12®, Volvo® I-Shift and Mack® mDrive™ automated transmissions, when installing a new Advantage Automated clutch from Eaton. Later versions had a torque converter so did not require the clutch pedal. • If the clutch is within the serial number range, replace the clutch assembly. Says I probably need a new clutch at a cost. 8 a-8118 clutch housing assy, nodal 4306906 1 nodal k-4061 8 k-4060 clutch housing replacement kit, standard a-7965 1 replaces old style ultrashift plus standard clutch housing 8 k-4061 clutch housing replacement kit, nodal a-7872 1 replaces old style ultrashift plus nodal mount clutch housing 9 x-8c-401 capscrew 1 1/4"-20x1-1/8" k-4088. Now depend on us to maintain your Eaton …. (See page 10 for detailed information. Clutch Replacement costs between $1253 and $1429 on average. Eaton has launched its next generation of automated transmissions. 🔧【FEATURE】High-quality aftermarket product, precise built. UltraShift PLUS VMS automated transmission. UltraShift PLUS VXP 18-speed automated manual transmission has an unlimited GCW rating and is designed for mining, logging and military vehicles. We offer a wide range of service and products for all makes and models including new Eaton transmissions, used Eaton transmissions, rebuilt or remanufactured transmissions, Eaton transmission parts and rebuild kits. Constant air is leaking from the “P” port or the “E” port. How do you diagnose what causes the clutch to disengage on my 06 Kenworth T600 w/ 10 speed Eaton Ultrashift. R Selects Reverse (see page 4 for more details) N Mode used for Start-up and Power-down D Selects Drive (see page 6 for more details) MANUAL Selects MANUAL (see page 7 for more …. A number of ultrashift problems with the Eaton is linked with gear shifting concerns. Vocational, Technical or Tra 420 satisfied customers. How to buy Locate a Eaton Ultrashift DM heavy-duty clutch installation instructions (CLMT1314) Replacement truck parts. A traditional clutch-actuated manual gearbox with a computer-controlled shift actuator and clutch, automated manual transmissions are also part of Weller’s line of remanufactured driveline components for Eaton UltraShift, Volvo I-Shift compatible, for Mack mDRIVE compatible, Detroit DT12, ZF AS Tronic. Download the PDF file and get the best performance from your Eaton clutch. durability of Eaton® Fuller® 13- and 18-speed transmissions. T880, W900 built from 04/05/2017 through 06/20/2018 equipped with Eaton UltraShift Plus or the Advantage transmissions. Eaton UltraShift Plus/Fuller Advantage Automated Transmissions …. Eaton reimburses clutches at OEM LTA ra tes throughout the OEM warranty INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, REPLACEMENT COST S, ECONOMIC LOSS, LOST REVENUE, LOST PROFITS, OR LOSS OF USE OR …. Electrical and Industrial | Power management solutions | Eaton. On the grounds, you should have one going from the starter to the frame, fifth wheel to the frame, and possibly one from the transmission. The clutch housing on the Ultrashift PLUS must also be greased every 25,000 miles or 3 months for linehaul applications and every 250 hours or 1 month for vocational. Eaton Cummins Automated ">LCA Install. Reference TRSM0950 for input shaft dimensions and service transmission identification. Eaton medium and heavy-duty automated transmissions are easy to drive and versatile to meet your needs on and off road. Material is missing from the high range synchronizer, burned or worn excessively allowing the range shift to rake. Eaton electronic clutch actuator (ECA) lubrication procedure for UltraShift PLUS transmissions Eaton Warranty Repair Guidelines TCWY1250 EN-US (PDF 7 MB, …. Eaton UltraShift DM Centrifugal medium- and heavy-duty clutches eliminate the need for a clutch pedal and maximize clutch life and offers durability. K4253 is just the ECA unit by itself, but this we only stock as the K4252 kit. Page 36: Heavy-Duty Ultrashift Clutch Recalibration UltraShift DM Clutch Heavy-Duty UltraShift Clutch Recalibration Turn key on. Service all chassis affected that enter your dealership, . Eaton UltraShift PLUS FO-16E313B-MHP Service Manual (264 pages) Automated Transmissions. Powered by the reliable PACCAR MX-13 engine, the Kenworth T880 is efficient with the clean-running engine delivering up to 500HP and 1,800 lb. The location and wiring of the switch varies by model. Affected Models/Population: UltraShift PLUS, Fuller Advantage Automated, 122002-35, 122002-35A, 122003-42, 122003-42A Warranty Information: Warranty Parts: Warranty replacement cost of the clutch 122002-35A, 122003-42A Warranty Labor: Clutch R&R OEM SRT time Warranty Coverage: Eaton standard warranty and Extended warranty periods. Eaton Fuller FS-5306A 6-Speed Transmission. ServiceRanger 4 automatic transmission diagnostic tool. Extend replacement clutch life and receive an. All Eaton® Hybrid Diesel/Electric vehicles will be marked ‘Hybrid’ on the outside of the vehicle, along with the shift label on the dash. What do I need to do? For transmission, hybrid components, and clutch warranty return shipping instructions, please refer to bulletin TMIB-0129 or call 1-800-826-HELP (4357 Read more. How-ever, this conclusion does not necessarily mean that a defect in fact exists. 🔧【FUNCTION】Remove the shaft quickly and easily, without busting the drive gear teeth, and allows efficiency to save time and money. The clutch systems of the UltraShift • Choose genuine Eaton replacement parts, and get legendary Roadranger support for more time on the road. Preselect the range shift by pushing the up arrows. Posted 3/6/2011 21:36 (#1654916 - in reply to #1654881) Subject: Re: Is Autoshift or Ultrashift the way to go. Using a smooth, twisting motion, fully insert the Input Shaft Speed Sensor in the Transmission Shift Bar Housing opening. Takes a little practice to backup, doesn't move until a certain rpm, so can be a little jumpy. 107237-10 New Eaton Fuller 14 in. Cummins and Eaton SmartAdvantage™ Powertrain Overview 2014. 122002-35A New Eaton Fuller 15-1/2 in. Learn how to install the Eaton Ultrashift DM medium-duty clutch with this comprehensive guide. They finished the job in 2 hours and 45 minutes, and I paid out the door $1650. Includes all PTOs in operation. We realize you need to get back to riding that left pedal a bit too long, so we will answer quickly and then give you the long version of how much it costs to replace a clutch. Labor costs are estimated between $586 and $739 while parts are priced between $667 and $690. Listen in as the experts talk about the MTM and why it gives the Endurant transmission a competitive advantage. transmissions use Eaton IntelliConnect an UltraShift PLUS will cost you about 50% less. CC2065 CLUTCH CADDY ADAPTER, EATON ULTRASHIFT PLUS 14-SPLINE SHAFT. Eaton UltraShift PLUS FO-18E318B-MXP Pdf User Manuals. Weights quickly swing out as you raise rpm from an idle and the mechanism will. Compared to a torque converter automatic, an UltraShift PLUS will cost you about 50% less. on a 2000 mack cx613 13 speed Eaton fuller. Automated clutch uses proven heavy-duty 15-1/2” two-plate design with an industry stan-dard ceramic facing material for long service life. The material contained in this document is product improvement inf ormation. Box 4013 Kalamazoo, MI 49003 1-800-826-HELP (4357) www. clutch housing, except the 6600 series, which includes an SAE #2 standard clutch housing. i have a 2006 volvo with isx with the eaton ultrashift. Contact Roadranger Call Center 1-800-826-4357 for help. • If the clutch is not within the serial number range, record the serial number and file a long form claim as described in the Warranty section. Torque is delivered by the two countershaft low range gears to the low range gear. sure all connections are good then get a reader and pull codes to make sure you dont have 2 and be prepared for high repair costs and dont just parts replace: …. Eaton Solo Advantage Clutch Actuation. The PDF document provides step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and troubleshooting tips for a successful installation. Endurant HD automated transmission. (4) 3/8" x 16 x 1-1/4" UNC Shipping Bolts. Heavy-duty transmissions (40 pages) Microphone system Eaton UltraShift PLUS FO (M) E310C-LAS Series Instructions Manual. If issues continue contact Eaton at 800 -826-4357. I am working on a volvo truck with an eaton ultrashift. UltraShift DM clutches, maintenance technicians and vehicle operators are noticing a clunking noise coming from the clutch during no-load engine acceleration from idle or deceleration to idle. Two long trips and the same event sequence of events of quick reshifts in and out of 10th after about two hours on the road, then more frequent 10th gear studders, then speedo drops to 0, fault light in 10th and then eventually total lockup stuck in 10th. Eaton UltraShift DM Centrifugal medium- and heavy-duty clutches eliminate the need for a clutch pedal and maximize clutch life. Eaton Clutches (limited) Eaton Fuller Transmissions; To view parts for the above, select a model and group from the left drop-down menus. To assure correct lubrication and long life for your Spicer drive axle, follow instructions in the Spicer Service Manuals. speeding the engine or excessively slipping the clutch). Learn how to service your Eaton heavy-duty 9-13 speed manual transmission with this comprehensive guide. RR1011CL ECA Clutch Reset Tool This tool is used in place of the electric clutch actuator (ECA) to reset the clutch wear indicator on the Eaton UltraShift PLUS® Clutch. Eaton Ultrashift Problems And How To Solve Them. 8 kg] (without Clutch Release Components) ** Integral Hydraulic Clutch Release System (effective 2nd quarter 2007) - Clutch housing weight is 27 lbs [12. Created to fill the gap between the TG and 82 Series, the SH8 Series is. unit came in for a clutch replacement and after the clutch was replaced, it passed calibration fine. Whether you need a comprehensive kit, a basic overhaul kit, or a basic rebuild kit, you can rely on Eaton's quality and expertise. We stock 18 speed Eaton Fuller heavy-duty transmissions with Eaton automated and manual transmission options as well as genuine Eaton Fuller transmission parts ranging from rebuild kits, gears. Eaton Advantage Automated ECA clutches offer the durability and performance necessary to withstand the high actuation conditions associated with automated transmission systems using Electronic Clutch Actuation technology. 5" Manual Adjust Clutch in 4 steps! CLMT1400 Install a 15. I am working on a volvo truck with an eaton ultrashift transmission. There are only a few selections required to get your rig moving. Genuine Eaton Fuller transmission parts in stock for all models, rebuild kits, bearings, gaskets, drive gears & more for your Eaton Fuller transmission. com (Residential may not be available or have additional fees Commercial Address Preferred). Clutch Ultrashift Cross Shaft Kit. More repair videos on the links below: Volvo d13 Wabco air compresor replacement:https://www. Clutch Lubrication Requirements For UltraShift Plus Transmission. Repeated incidents of clutch abuse may cause the clutch to fail and render the truck immobile, resulting in extended down time. Questions to ask when choosing a replacement clutch. RT Series Eaton Fuller Transmission Clutch Install Kit for 2" Input Replaces Part K-2468. Low-Inertia “Super 13” Transmissions Note: No cast iron clutch housings on UltraShift 10 and 13 speed models. Shift tower & clutch housing gaskets – includes …. Recommendations may not be direct replacements. Professional Shifting - 5 & 6-Speed. No clear ”click” – potential Clutch engagement or disengagement problems. Eaton Endurant & Ultrashift Plus Volvo I-Shift®/Mack mDRIVE Replacement. Here is where you will find answers to your questions about warranty coverage, how to file a claim, how to check the status of a claim, and how to get additional assistance if needed. Road Choice Clutch 7 Springs 1700 Ft Lb $ 630. UltraShift DM Centrifugal medium and heavy duty clutches. Eaton Fuller HD FR/FRO transmissions service manual (TRSM2400)">Eaton Fuller HD FR/FRO transmissions service manual (TRSM2400). replacement kit 4301645 1 2 x-13-206 self-tapping screw x13 229 2 5/16" 3 4301367 mounting pad 4 4 4301378 dowel pin 2 s-2612 5 k-3353rx reman. Refer to the Eaton UltraShift® PLUS Transmission Installation Guide (TRIG1110) for a list of recommended Pilot Bearings. Unlike the Eaton UltraShift automated transmission, the Eaton UltraShift Plus transmission does not require greasing during vehicle servicing. Eaton Solo Advantage clutch overview. Select range after the transmission shifts to neutral. I have a 2006 Freightliner Columbia with the Mercedes MBE 4000and Eaton Ultra Shift transmission. Professional Shifting - Vocational 8LL, 9LL & 15-Speed. How Much Does it Cost to Replace the Clutch in a Truck?. TECU is being powered up for the first time and no shift device has been …. FOM-16E310C-LAS is ideal for vocational fleets currently operating eaton manual transmissions and considering an automated transmission. Some engines do not use the Eaton engine overspeed protection. K4252 Eaton Ultrashift Transmission Electronic Clutch Actuator Gen 2 ECA Kit This price includes a core cost of $390 that will be credited upon return of . Follow us: Eaton Fuller Easy Pedal angle spring clutch installation procedures for 14-inch and 15. the vehicle for at least two minutes and let the clutch cool down. K4223RX Eaton Fuller Transmission Reman XY Shifter 3rd Generation. Fault Code 64: Gen2 Electronic Clutch Actuator (ECA). A complete clutch kit often costs $200 to $400, while the labor costs $300 to $1500. By answering a short series of questions about your truck and your route, we'll give you a couple of recommendations for heavy-duty automated transmissions that best fit your fleet's unique needs. This is normal operation of the UltraShift DM Clutch. Quality Remanufactured Products by WELLER for the. Signs that indicate the need for a clutch actuator replacement When it comes to the Eaton UltraShift …. Fuel systems, emissions and components. We make what matters work* cost of ownership and safety are near the top of everyone’s list. What this means is that your gear fails to shift and can even get stuck. All automated transmissions must have Eaton engine certification. had an auto do that to me but it was a 2009 series60, clutch was bad too though so didn't solve anything just got into gear. Rawze, I do have an amazing and very reasonable shop to recommend for your forum for trans or clutch work here in PA. It will also double the length of lubricant change intervals and use 50% less fluid. Built upon the robust Fuller 13- and 18-speed manual transmissions, the UltraShift PLUS Performance Series uses an electronic clutch actuator to. Differences and Features with Eaton UltraShift PLUS PV Products † A MEIIR circuit is not required for the Eaton UltraShift PLUS PV Transmissions. If physical signs of a failure are found, replace Heavy-Duty ECA Clutch and Cross Shaft. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. How to reset the G1 (grease interval) code for Eaton Ultrashift Transmission. As an extra cost option, an integral oil pump can be. Field Warranty Strategy: Continue to communicate the need to utilize specified shipping bolts and proper clutch removal procedures for all UltraShift PLUS ECA clutches. TRTS0940 EN-US | March 2023 - A. (If clutch is to be reinstalled and transmission is still in vehicle) Note the position of the wear indicating tab on the clutch. transmission clutch housing and tighten to 35 –45 lb-ft (47-61 Nm). Refer to Roadranger document TCWY0760 for registration instructions. Kiene Diesel Clutch Caddy Adapters help make the Kiene Clutch Caddy the most versatile lifting, holding and positioning safety tool available. Our powerful Transmission Shift Console Permits selection of clutch engagement options by shifter position to Mode Configuration provide optimum mobility for the vehicle application – including. Install them in the 4 cover holes and turn them finger-tight. Sophisticated software allows the engine and transmission to work seamlessly, improving efficiency and performance. It does make the ultrashifts a whole lot nicer to drive though. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for EATON FULLER INERTIA BRAKE KIT FUL-K3637 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Reasonable shipping …. It also requires a specific clutch assembly that is different than the current Eaton product line. UltraShift PLUS EO-11E406B-PV microphone system pdf manual download. Cascadia Maintenance Manual. If you are looking for gen3 wiring schematics book for Eaton Fuller transmissions, you can download the pdf file from roadranger. Placed one-above-the other on the heavy-duty clutch housing are two grease fittings. The Eaton ULTRAshift ( do pedal transmission without clutch pedal) clutch has no adjustment. Eaton UltraShift PLUS FO-16E310C-LAS Service Manual (264 pages) Automated Transmissions. Eaton ‘s UltraShift Plus automated transmissions coverage now includes enhancements that allow for compatibility with two-speed axles. Set parking brake an d chock wheels. 7 4306584 clutch housing gasket 4304815,4305668 1 k-3939,k-4145 8 a-8117 clutch housing assy 4307000 1 standard k-4060 8 a-8118 clutch housing assy, nodal 4306906 …. 107034-61 New Spicer Style 14 in. 30 ECA Clutch the tab is near the “REPLACE” position, the clutch should be replaced. UltraShift PLUS transmissions are designed for optimal fuel efficiency, and less wear and tear on drivetrain components for reduced maintenance costs. Learn how to diagnose and fix common problems with your transmission system. Locate four (4) 3/8" x 16 x 1 1/4" UNC, hex head machine screws. These models can be supported using Service Manuals. “When you shift a manual or automated manual transmission and engage the clutch, the engine torque is interrupted and that power isn’t getting transferred down the drivetrain to the wheels,” he explained. Spline Coaxial 4 Ceramic Super Button Clutch Set. For the detailed transmission service, go to the Roadranger website at www. I have an 05 Freightliner Columbia with the Ultrashift transmission. The UltraShift™ 6, 10 and 13-speed transmissions use the DM centrifugal clutch, which engages and disengages without an in-cab pedal and helps to maximize clutch life. pdf TAIB-0872 (PDF 126 KB, 24/04/2023). This is a new 15-1/2" Eaton UltraShift Plus ECA (Electric Clutch Actuation) Clutch Kit for use with Eaton UltraShift 10 to 18-speed transmissions which engages and disengages without the use of a traditional in-cab clutch pedal. • Select Eaton AutoShift Gen-2 from the product selection screen. Easy Pedal Clutch Installation and Adjustment. Learn about the best practices for lubricating Eaton clutch release bearings during installation. Offers durability & performance. Transmission subassemblies. Replace - Answered by a verified Technician. Solo Advantage Self-Adjusting Clutches Remove Clutch (If clutch is to be reinstalled and transmission is still in vehicle) CAUTION Note the position of the wear indicating tab on …. The ins and outs of the Eaton Endurant 12 speed transmission. The Endurant transmission features a fluid pressure sensor and clutch life prognostics that protect your investment and make it easy to …. The Eaton ECA Clutch is the only master clutch engineered for UltraShift PLUS and Fuller Advantage Automated transmissions. Eaton Ultrashift problems. Air is coming out of the disconnected air line. Learn how to install the Eaton Medium Duty UltraShift PLUS PV transmission, a fully automated transmission system for medium-duty applications. The Eaton UltraShift DM Clutch is designed to engage and disengage without an in-cab pedal and helps to maximize clutch life. Drivers should be properly trained in starting, shift-ing and operation of the clutch. One obvious sign a clutch is nearing its end is when it fails to engage, or engages sporadically, when the clutch pedal is pressed. Turn the ignition key to “ON” and allow the UltraShift to power-up. We have a 06 9400 Ih with a ten speed ultrashift. CLUTCH HOUSING UltraShift Plus Transmission AFTMKT 09U-12 Generic Illustration - Not specific to part numbers listed below. How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Clutch in 2023? What You. We stock new and rebuilt Fuller transmissions for all models including 5-speed transmissions, 6-speed transmissions, 7-speed. It also takes a - Answered by a verified Technician I have an08 kenworth t660 with 13 ultrashift. Second, the steps to grease the clutch on the Eaton UltraShift Plus are also much easier now than back in the day. UltraShift PLUS Vocational MHP & MXP. Find the right clutch for your application. Together, you're looking at around $2,000. com">Eaton Fuller Clutches and Clutch Kits. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright. Technical Information Bulletin. 121000-1 New Eaton Fuller 15 in. Tranny shifts ok up to 5th gear then it goes to 6th gear and nothing (doesn't engage) and that is when I get service light. Note: Engaging the clutch with the shift lever in the neutral position connects. Verify solid N on gear display. Responsible sourcing of conflict minerals. hey everybody, got a 2015 cascadia with an auto eaton ultrashift 10 speed. Call us at 800-562-4791 for discounts. It was a three pedal truck so all we had to do was swap transmissions and get the correct length of driveshaft made up . Available In-Store Available In-Store. Overview of professionally shifting Eaton's heavy-duty manual transmissions for vocational trucks. AND serviceability of UltraShift PLUS. Fuller Advantage series automated 10-speed transmission is a legacy AMT from Eaton. Eaton UltraShift® PLUS TRDR1110 ES-MX Marzo de 2015 UltraShift® PLUS Cambio Activo de Transporte en Línea (LAS) Eficiencia de Transporte en Línea (LSE) Rendimiento Extremo Multipropósito (MXP) Rendimiento Alto Multipropósito (MHP) Cambios Activos Vocacionales (VAS) Serie de Construcción Vocacional (VCS) Rendimiento Alto Vocacional (VHP). After the “1” is displayed, depress the throttle pedal to the floor and …. UltraShift PLUS VCS is a versatile automated manual transmission designed for a mix of on- and off-road applications such as dump trucks, block trucks, and other construction trucks. (380mm) UltraShift DM Centrifugal Clutch for Automated Manual Transmissions. The Linehaul series for the UltraShift PLUS is built from the foundation of the Fuller 10-speed manual and utilizes an electronic clutch actuator to shift in a two-pedal method. Details on installing Eaton's Solo Advantage self-adjusting clutch. ULTRA SHIFT PLUS and option Gen3 ECU 4306473 - Gen 3. The new features are available with UltraShift Plus and Advantage transmissions, and work thusly: Blended Pedal provides gradual or quick clutch engagement depending on the accelerator’s position. PDF UltraShift PLUS Automated Transmission TRDR1110 EN. 5 (394 mm), this unit has a max torque of 1650-2250 (lbs. New Eaton 15 inch Clutches Discount Price. Eaton Fuller Ultrashift Clutch Heavy Duty Complete DD15 Detroit 121000-1 OEM. Won't go into gear, can't move the truck. If you need to repair or upgrade your Eaton transmission, you can find a variety of bearing kits for different models and applications. The Electronic Clutch Actuator (ECA) in the Eaton Cummins UltraShift PLUS “actively shifts” based on load, grade and throttle power. We put an Eaton Fuller ultra shift clutch. It also provides some of the "do's and don'ts" to help drivers be …. RR1061TR: Wear Sleeve Installer Set RR1061TR. The Gen2 ECA introduces a new motor with Deutsch Connectors, and a redesigned shield. The total semi-truck clutch replacement cost is between $1,000 and $5,000, which includes the cost of the new part and between eight and 10 hours of labor. You can attempt to move the right-hand rail forward or backward, whichever is easiest. RR1029TR: EATON Breakout Box with 74-Way Eaton Diagnostic Adapter RR1029TR. UltraShift DM ClutchInstall Clutch to Flywheel. Our CPCA is a direct replacement for the clutch actuator found on many automated manual transmissions, and is recommended to be replaced when the clutch is r. Learn about the features and benefits of Eaton's vehicle transmissions in this comprehensive guide brochure. Eaton Ultrashift will not shift into gear. Fuller 13- and 18-speed manual • On/Off-highway performance design. Series: Performance No other fully automated trans-mission offers the fuel economy AND serviceability of UltraShift PLUS. Clutch Replacement Cost – How Expensive Are They To Replace?. Clutch Replacement Cost: 2022 Guide. This requires the OEM to connect a power harness and ground. Refer- ence “Clutch Guide for Installation of Eaton Clutch Prod- ucts” in the Appendix. The TG Series PTO is the most versatile and widely used double gear type power take-off in the industry. Replacing the flywheel with the clutch will run you between $500 to $700 on top of the clutch repair. Check the clutch switch if yours have a clutch pedal, if you have a scantool you can observe the 'pid' while pressing the clutch. You also have to replace the clutch pressure plate, throwout bearing, and sometimes …. When it gets hung in gear, the driver has to pull over and shut the truck down, then start over and it will usually shift. We apply the brakes lightly and it is better. Eaton introduces a family of UltraShift PLUS LSE (Linehaul Small-Step Efficiency) transmissions designed exclusively for Navistar to maximize fuel efficiency in linehaul applications. The Eaton I used drive was slow and shifted really early, sometimes so early that it couldn’t hold the gear and it. Transmission Manuals Free Download. 12 Save clutch data / Recalibrate clutch with Service Ranger 2 Verify a solid “N” is on the gear display. i-shift’s ongoing durability and performance are major reasons why v olvo continues to. Warning: UltraShift PLUS initiates upshifts from MANUAL and LOW for engine over speed protection. Fuller® UltraShift® Transmissions TRDR0940 EN. The Eaton UltraShift™ PLUS automated manual transmission can be custom tailored to your job. The mechanic took the whole assembly apart to show me how the ultra shift clutch works. The clutch was 100% used the rivets already started touching the inside plate. 3) Refer to the list below and locate the corresponding number …. Eaton Fuller Clutch Removal / Peterbilt Truck!. 07 VNL 780 D12,eaton ultrashift 10 speed two pedal full automatic. Preselect the range by moving the range lever to high while the transmission is in gear. • UltraShift PLUS • Fuller Advantage transmissions. Smart features like a transmission fluid pressure sensor help protect. Eaton now offers a number of vocational models of its UltraShift PLUS line of automated manual transmission to provide tailored performance for demanding …. all parties involved in the replacement process will benefit from a reduced repair cost and improved …. You will not need a sleeper and small fuel tanks will be ok. This is the recommended option by Cojali. Available in single and dual PTO models, …. 5-inch ECA clutch from New Eaton Fuller is over $2,500. Fault Code 84 – Shift Control Device Not Configured Detection. You will find information on transmission models, specifications, applications, maintenance, and more. UltraShift PLUS Shift Bar Housing Update TAIB0884 TAIB-0884EN-US (PDF 466 KB, 10/08/2022). Replace transmission bearing retainer cap if length is greater than 8. With the left-hand shift rail still engaged in a gear, use a small pry-bar and attempt to engage the right-hand shift rail into a gear. Internal clutch temperature sensor avoid abuse, but any good system may be damaged with poor driving. Do you need help with troubleshooting your Eaton Gen 3 automated manual transmission? Download this comprehensive guide from Weller Truck, the leading provider of remanufactured driveline components. 430mm diaphragm spring Severe Duty cushioned Ceramic clutch. It also provides some of the "do's and don'ts" to …. There is no creep mode with the centrifugal clutch, it's only on the ultrashifts with the electronic clutch control. the new strap drive eliminates lug rattle and fatigue for quieter operation and extended clutch life. K-4134 Eaton Fuller Clutch Brake Kit 1271043 Low Capacity Inertia Brake New OEM. Pre-Authorized Fault Code 65 Repair Guideline Overview The UltraShift PLUS transmission is equipped with an Elec-tronic Clutch Actuator (ECA) Speed Sensor that provides a secondary engine speed signal to the Transmission Electronic Control Unit (TECU). clutch adjustment and clutch brake replacement Eaton fuller heavy duty clutch. Disconnect the small air line connected to the “P” port of the shift knob. Features Input shaft design engineered to eliminate idle gear rattle. This guide provides detailed instructions, diagrams, and specifications for the installation process. cost of ownership and safety are near the top of everyone’s list. With Eaton ultrashift gen transmission. After the Service Activity Report completes, select “Send to Eaton”. Release Bearing Grease Zerk If physical signs of a failure are present, replace Heavy-Duty ECA Clutch and Cross Shaft. (350mm) Pull-Type Angle Spring 2 in. Perform two key clicks of the ignition switch starting in the "ON" position and ending in the "ON" position . Install the ECA into the Clutch Housing bore. 7 4306584 clutch housing gasket 4304815,4305668 1 k-3288,k-3671,k-3672,k-3673,k-3676,k-3677 8 a-3713 clutch housing assy a - 3700 1 #1 push-pull iron 8 a-3723 clutch housing assy a - 3721 ,a - 3722 1 #2 push-pull iron 8 a-4772 clutch housing assy a - 4344 ,a - 4771 1 #2 push-pull alum. A repair is only available for chassis with PACCAR MX and Cummins X15 engines at this time. 2x Driver and Passenger Rear Trail Arm …. UltraShift PLUS VCS is a versatile automated manual transmission designed for a mix of on- and off-road applications like dump trucks, roll-offs, municipality, utility, and other …. benefit from a reduced repair cost and improved service time. com/watch?v=Oluh_WpgU6M Honda GX 390 oil change pony. If you need to service or repair your Eaton Fuller HD FR/FRO transmissions, you can download this service manual that provides detailed instructions and diagrams. By the time I do all that I might as well replace the clutch. Like all Eaton Cummins automated transmissions, UltraShift PLUS is backed by the support, solutions and expertise of the Roadranger® network. 3 Operation Start-up and Power Down Start-up 1. 21 Stamped Angle Spring ClutchInstall. However, the Ultrashift Plus can do so much more, and it’s well worthwhile exploring the many features that come standard in this high-tech transmission. The driver cannot select high or low range—only gear numbers. It allows for quick and easy diagnosis of complex problems affecting electronic systems to enable faster service and. If engine oil contamination is found, refer to OEM guidelines regarding repair or replacement. (4) 3/8" x 16 x 1-1/4" UNCS hipping Bolts3 Solo Measure FlywheelSolo Medium-Duty 14" Clutch …. Gen 2 • Using ServiceRanger, select the “Advanced Product Functions” button located on the main menu. Manuals; Brands; Electronic Clutch Actuator (ECA) Removal and Installation. Mazda pickup clutch repair can cost between $550 to $800, depending on the parts that need to be replaced. i just replaced the x/y shifter. This document contains detailed diagrams and instructions for various models and applications. • Genuine Eaton synchronizer kits and assemblies are easily. When this happens, you must replace the faulty fuse. The guy that was working on this truck screwed up the clutch and. Manuals and User Guides for Eaton UltraShift PLUS FO-18E313A-VHP. Shop had to order a new case and a few sliders maybe a gear or two other wise we reused everything else. number 122002-35EX for clutch replacements that occur during the OEM or Eaton clutch warranty period. Each of those, Crawford said, has a potential for leaks or other problems that could require maintenance. Date: December 12, 2018 Updated: April 13, 2020 Issue Description: Customers may experience various fault codes and/or clutch release complaints due to broken clutch levers in self-adjust clutches used with …. I just had the clutch replace and clutch cable. ZF 10 Speed Transmissions C Ratio Overdrive. THE WORLD'S BEST PARTNERSHIP FOR THE WORLD'S BEST SAVINGS. I have an Eaton Fuller Ultrashift 10 speed transmissionin a 2007 8600 international Truck shifts fine upshiffting and downshifting until you are in 2 3 or 4th gear and start to accelerate that's when …. The clutch system of the UltraShift®transmission is a fundamental piece of this transmission; Replacement truck parts. Eaton UltraShift Plus transmission features animation. I need help returning parts for a warranty claim. 7 Symptoms Of A Worn or Bad Clutch and Replacement Cost. Developed for a wide range of customer applications. I've got 2005 Volvo 780 with eaton fuller ultrashift 10 speed 16910B-DM2. 1-800-367-7867 Power Products’ 8405/6A Series PTO provides a rigid structure for high vibration level environments at an economical cost. Our review and test drive for the 2018 13-speed Eaton UltraShift transmission. Transmission Warranty (excludes clutch) Eaton. Clutch Requirements - Must use Eaton DM clutch module. Cases have been observed where the clutch has been operated and caused progressive damage to the clutch housing. Failure to lubricate the clutch release bearing and upper cross-shaft bushing of the ECA motor, resulted in an Error code 64. These signs include difficulty in shifting gears, grinding noises during shifting, and the clutch pedal …. RR1030TR: 20-Way EATON Diagnostic Adapter RR1030TR. EATON CLSM0200 SERVICE MANUAL Pdf Download. If less than 27 degrees Pull VPA and replace Clutch. Eaton Clutch Torque/Horsepower Equivalents by Engine OEM (CLFD1300) HD UltraShift Clutch Broken Pressure Plate Ears (CLIB-0010) Replacement truck parts. I just want to know where to look for issues with code 27 and 73 for eaton ultrashift. 1 General Information General Information About this Manual This Eaton® publication is intended to be a reference guide for the installation of the Fuller® UltraShift® PLUS VCS, VMS, VXP, MXP, MHP, and LAS transmissions. Fault Code 19, 64 and 67 PACCAR Vehicles – UltraShift PLUS and Fuller Advantage Automated Transmissions. Endurant microphone system pdf …. Developed for a wide range of customer …. K4151 Eaton Fuller Transmission Speed Sensor Kit. Largest selection of clutches on the web. TRSM0940 EN-US | October 2022 - A. Current Process: Refer to CLSM0200 for Heavy-Duty ECA Clutch removal …. This video highlights the benefits and features of the Eaton UltraShift PLUS transmission without optional creep mode. September 14, 2009 • Steve Sturgess, Executive Editor •. 30 ECA Clutch Use the Eaton Clutch Selector Guide to verify that the damper will fit into the flywheel bore. cost of having to pull the transmission again. RR1011CL : ECA Clutch Reset Tool : Eaton Roadranger : K. Release Date 7/22/2019 See Parts section for applicable replacement clutch part information. Remember to always inspect the front bearing cover, output seal, snap-rings, and clutch shaft bushings, sliding clutch and electronic controls, speed sensor, shift tower, for damage. Service Manual Eaton Medium-Duty Clutches CLSM0100 EN-US February 2012 Solo® UltraShift® DM Clutch Stamped Angle Spring Clutch. While cruising down the road, either on cruise control or foot on … read more. (03-06-2023, 07:19 AM)drb235 Wrote: Hello, I am having a issue with a ultrashift plus trans the issue is we can’t get the xy shifter to calibrate. Manually move the rightmost (4th/5th) shift rail forward to engage front sliding clutch into Main Drive Gear. When your clutch goes bad, you can expect to pay around $1200 for a replacement. yes its a eaton fuller rto-16910b-as2 i have replaced the clutch ,wiring harness ,gear and rail selector sensors all 4 of my batteries and input and output shaft sensors and im still having trouble with it shifting from neutral to drive but once it does it shifts through all the gears up and down like butter. Check Transmission For Wear Replace any worn components. EverTough® clutch with the use of a Genuine Eaton Clutch Installation Kit. If FMI 12 is listed, replace the Electric Clutch Actuator (ECA), then go to Step 4. UltraShift DM heavy duty clutch installation instructions. But over time as a clutch deteriorates, shifting. UltraShift DM centrifugal clutch. Put my eaton 10 speed transmission into gear but wont move. Five-year/750,000-mile (1,200,000 Km) transmission and three-year/350,000-mile (560,000 Km) clutch warranty for …. Eaton bulletin CLIB-0034 Nonconforming Clutch Inventory If the clutch in the vehicle is a replacement clutch, confirm whether or not the replacement clutch assembly is within the affected serial number. ast26909 , Jul 26, 2018 ast26909 , Jul 26, 2018. Eaton reimburses clutches at OEM LTA ra tes throughout the OEM warranty period. Chapter 1: Features and benefits of the UltraShift PLUS and Fuller Advantage automated manual transmissions. We quickly figured out the reason the truck wasn't starting was it was in gear and. Eaton Clutch Torque/Horsepower Equivalents by Engine OEM (CLFD1300) Installation instructions Eaton Ultrashift DM heavy-duty clutch installation instructions (CLMT1314) Technical service bulletins HD UltraShift Clutch Broken Pressure Plate Ears (CLIB-0010) Replacement truck parts. This 15" double disc kit is for use in Heavy Duty track applications and has soft rate dampers with ceramic button. 81 quantity dependent on design 10 14506 hand hole cover 1 #2 push 10 14507 hand hole cover 1 #2 pull 10 4305230 hand hole cover 11453 1 #1 pull 10 4305231 hand hole cover 1565 1 #1 push. EATON ENDURANT SERVICE MANUAL Pdf Download. The UltraShift PLUS transmission is equipped with an Electronic Clutch Actuator (ECA) Speed Sensor that provides a secondary engine speed signal to the Transmission refer to OEM guidelines for repair or replacement of Engine. Hi guys, this episode I had to do some research and talked to Eaton and they helped me out. Eaton has some bullcrap procedure about resetting the wear tab and pulling the bellhousing back to pull the throwout farther is supposed to make it adjust when its stuck. Ensure proper performance and maximum. cases, Eaton shall make the final determination as to the appropriate reimbursement for the respective claim. I have an 05 Freightliner Columbia with the Ultrashift. Eaton Clutch Lubrication Requirements and Intervals (PDF 309 KB, 1/23/2017) Replacement truck parts. Eaton FO-16E310C-LAS Pdf User Manuals. If UltraShift won't shift at ANY mileage, Says I probably need a new clutch at a cost of $2900. Affected Models / Population: UltraShift PLUS ECA Clutch part numbers 122002-##, 122002-##A, 122003-##, and 122003-##A. 1Mb: Download: EATON MD200 codes [PDF] 756. Eaton Gen 3 Autoshift Ultrashifttroubleshooting Guide. It’s extremely important to first request an estimate from your mechanic before you even make any payments. K3936RX is replaced by K4252 with the exception of some units with a PTO interference issue. Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies has a broad portfolio of transmissions to help you get the job done. It is possible to replace the clutch yourself, but it is a . We have 1 Eaton UltraShift PLUS FO-18E313A-VHP manual available for free PDF download: Service Manual. Engine: Cat Acert 13-litre ADR 80/02-compliant in line six cylinder. Date: Enter vehicle and repair order information and select “Start Report”. If the tab is near the "REPLACE" position, the clutch should be replaced. The 16-speed direct drive automated mechanical transmissions will be co-released by the two companies. Professional Shifting Eaton Fuller 5 & 6 Speed Medium Duty Transmission. What’s going on in the Video: Air Brakes on, Foot Brake pressed for 2-3 secs and Released for 3-5 secs and Repeated. 7 ECU and other was set to default. Ultrashift ® PLUS and FA Countershaft and Split …. Help Eaton code Dtc 56 fmi 2 ultrashift. There were two options I got the bigger of the two whatever it was. Updated: July 12, 2021 Date: February 1, 2021 Issue Description: Over repair/under repair of the Clutch Release System (and/or clutch) due to a lack of troubleshooting wear measurement criteria. Fuller® 10-Speed Transmissions The FR Series 10-Speed (“B” ratio, “C” ratio and High Torque Models) A standard in transmission performance, reliability and. I have an Eaton/Fuller 13 speed transmission that grinds when shifting to the high side in neutral. I did a lot of business with Pete so they charged me actual time. By clicking on the hyperlink provided, a “Download Manager” (DM) will serve as a guide for the download process. Total spent so far $3800 no fix 🥲 haven't drove truck work wise since end of June 2022 this year because of this 1!problem HELP PLEASE 🙏🏾 Yes i Have 1st Gen eaton fuller k2609 Clutch Autoshift N14 plus freightliner century class 120 Vin:1fuysdyb9ylh10823 Im located in Chicago. The Eaton Ultrashift, says Gochenour, uses a clutch that never needs adjustment because it is engaged centrifugally. all parties involved in the replacement process will benefit from a reduced repair cost and improved service time. replaced mine a couple of years ago in a pete 379 and all the quotes i got were in the $2600-$3000 rangeended up buying heavy duty clutch, bearings, and clutch brake for about $800 and had a mech/friend do it for $500so i got off pretty cheap. Fault Code 65: Gen1 ECA Speed Sensor (TRTS0940). Eaton UltraShift PLUS automated transmissions driver instructions Clutch release system wear/damage - endurant and paccar transmissions procision-transmission-replacement-tcm-initialization-calibration-TAIB0872. For instance, to go backwards select “R”. Eaton DM clutches offer the durability and performance necessary to withstand the high actuation conditions associated with automated transmission systems. Tighten mounting bolts to 40-45 Ft-Lbs (54-61Nm) using a cross pattern. Drivers should report erratic clutch operation as soon as possible to permit maintenance personnel to inspect, adjust or lubricate as required. ServiceRanger 4 is a comprehensive, all-in-one subscription program that combines diagnostics, troubleshooting, repair and update information for Eaton and Eaton Cummins automated transmissions in a user-friendly interface. Fuller® 13-Speed Transmissions MODEL CAPACITYWEIGHT*SPEEDS LENGTH** RTLO-16913A 1650 lbs. released a list of OEM availabilities and engine approvals for lineup of UltraShift Plus automated transmissions, and said that positive reviews and high demand across a wide variety. Eaton Fuller OEM Heavy Duty Clutch Ultrashift 12200235A Automated Transmission. This is a new 15-1/2" Eaton UltraShift Plus ECA (Electric Clutch Actuation) Clutch Kit for use with Eaton UltraShift 10 to 18-speed transmissions which. ft) with a spline size of two inches. 2) Hover over the box to see the possible problem and take note of the numbers next to the possible cause. • UltraShift PLUS • Fuller Advantage Automated • SmartAdvantage Automated. Eaton Automated Transmission Engine Configuration …. Fault Code 16: High Integrity Link Gen1 ECA (TRTS0940). Standard with every Kenworth Class 8. Nobody works on Eaton Transmissions TCUs A Ishift can run in circles around this dinosaur and a dual clutch Ishift does it in reverse gear! 0 benefits only slow shifting and very very boaring driving experience. The UltraShift™ 6, 10 and 13-speed transmissions use the DM centrifugal …. Do you want to know how to configure your engine settings for optimal performance with the ECJV automated transmission? Download this guide and learn how to adjust the engine parameters, calibrate the clutch, and troubleshoot common issues. ** Lengths listed are from face of clutch housing to front bottoming surface of companion flange or yoke. An Eaton transmission software update will be installed, which will stall the engine when. (UltraShift gear display will display a “1” with up arrows indicating UltraShift Touch Point Resent is selected). Warranty Period Product Warranty Periods are stated in Roadranger Warranty Guide TCWY0900. Lubricate the O-ring with Eaton Fuller silicone 71214 or equivalent. CLMT1320 Install an UltraShift TM "DM" Medium Duty Clutch in 4 Steps! CLMT1351 Install a Heavy Duty 15. Note: Avoid depressing the clutch pedal too far and contacting the clutch brake. com and contact Eaton at (800) 826-4357. The ECA clutch has been designed and engineered for the UltraShift PLUS and Fuller Advantage automated transmissions. A light foot sends the clutch face partially against the flywheel, and releasing the accelerator disengages it. 2Mb: Download: Eaton Gen 2 Autoshift Ultrashift Troubleshooting Guide [PDF] 12. Service Bulletin Document – Process. This document provides detailed instructions, diagrams, and specifications for troubleshooting and repairing your vehicle's transmission system. Paccar designed an integrated clutch housing, replacing 26 bolts used to hold the clutch in place. After the "1" is displayed, depress the throttle pedal to the floor and hold for 3-5 seconds (the gear display will change back to a "0" with down arrows indicating the routine has been successfully completed. EATON 107237-10 ADVANTAGE CLUTCH. It got stuck and wouldnt get into gear. Following three years of development and barely 90 days after Eaton and Cummins announced a formal joint powertrain partnership, Eaton’s Endurant 12 speed. Please enclose proof of purchase or repair order. Learn more about its features, installation and service from Eaton's official website. 375") SHIFT LEVER // A $300 CORE WILL BE BILLED AND CREDIT CAN BE GIVEN …. If the gears don’t shift on their own, or you find that your shifts are getting stuck, you need to address this problem as soon as possible. Vocational, Technical or Tra 156 satisfied customers. Note: An "88" may show up in the dash at key on, which is a normal power-up test of the display. Learn how to troubleshoot and maintain Fuller AutoShift and UltraShift transmissions with this comprehensive guide from Eaton , the leader in intelligent power management. Service can be performed at your local dealer to get your vehicle back on the job faster maximizing your uptime -- no need for a two-step repair process. CC2064 CLUTCH CADDY ULTRASHIFT DM 10-SPLINE CLUTCH ADAPTER. Engineering experts discuss how Endurant's 8-bolt PTO adds flexibility and allows trucks to gain a competitive edge. The upgraded Eaton Advantage Self-Adjust and Easy Pedal Advantage clutches improve durability, reduce harmful vibrations and better enable smooth, effortless shifting across a wide range of torque ratings up to 2,250 lbs. The average cost is £320 – £1,350 in the UK, but the price range can be from £250 – £2,000. The following preconditions must be met before the system detects the fault: TECU ignition voltage is greater than 7 volts and less than 16 volts. It contains all the genuine Eaton parts and instructions you need for. Contact us How to buy Overview Specifications Resources Speeds 13 Maximum GCW 140,000 lbs. One of my 2012 International Prostars with the Maxxforce 13 and a 10 Speed Ultrashift is skipping gears and getting hung in a gear. Your foot should be basically touching the floor. Driving Tips Proper Starting Gear Choose a starting gear appropriate for the load and grade. TruckTech+ Remote Diagnostics and Service Management - maximize uptime and minimize the true cost of maintenance. A top cover and shifter parts can be had for about $400 bucks to convert it back to a manual. Genuine Eaton Fuller Ultrashift Clutch Cross Shaft Kit. Transmission and clutch pre authorized warranty repair guideline RWRG0071 - Transmission electronic control unit fault code 11 FMI 12 pre-authorization. Placed one above the other on the heavy-duty clutch housing are two grease fittings. The third factor that can affect the semi-truck replacement cost is …. ! Apply throttle until you feel the clutch engage, then slowly release throttle pedal. Note: Installation of the specified shipping bolt for caging the clutch prior to removal, from the engine flywheel, will prevent permanent yielding (bending) of the intermediate plate straps when the clutch removed. The Endurant transmission features a fluid pressure sensor and clutch life prognostics that protect your investment and make it easy to maintain. Move the range selector up to high range. We installed a remanded trans and no every power down of the key the shifter will go through 3 30 seconds of trying to shift before it powers down. the Shift Finger against one of the Shift Bar Housing Shift Blocks guides the Shift Yoke to disengage the Sliding Clutch from a gear. I will pay my vows to the lord i. Endurant - Mechatronic Transmission Module (MTM) 1:12. If physical signs of a clutch failure are present, replace the Heavy-Duty ECA Clutch. Eaton Fuller® AutoShift® Transmissions TRDR0930 EN. UltraShift DM Centrifugal 2 Plate 1750 lbs. The Eaton ECA clutch is the only master clutch engineered for UltraShift PLUS and Fuller Advantage Automated transmissions. The UltraShift PLUS transmission uses the X-Y Shifter to engage and disengage a gear based on the driver’s selected mode of operation. Roadranger: Eaton and trusted partners providing the best products and services in the industry, ensuring more time on the road. Price: Ascending, Price Clutch Replacement 1556986 1557006 *Please Verify OEM Number Before Purchase Heavy Duty Clutch Replacement . Eaton noted that the UltraShift Plus is geared primarily to increase the appeal of UltraShift Plus among vocational customers, especially dump and heavy haul fleets. At the front of the UltraShift™ 6, 10 and 13-speed transmissions is the UltraShift DM clutch, which engages and disengages without an in-cab pedal.