Cynergy Vs Citori Cynergy Vs CitoriBest 9 Smoke Some Weed Tonight Mp3 Song. FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing. I haven`t had the pleasure of shooting a kolar with 750 bore yet which I am told is a extremely soft shooter but the cynergy is SOFT. The beretta is out as it does not fit, even if I were to extend the stock. Found this Browning Cynergy Classic in a pawn shop and swooped it up. Lengthening forcing cones is a popular and expensive aftermarket practice done to increase shot pattern performance. I am left handed and have been shooting one of the earlier Cynergy's since the year after they were introduced. Your Citori will treat you well in any reguard for a long time. CZ Redhead Premier vs Browning Citori. Estimated New and Used Values for a Browning Citori 525 Sporting Values are based on a basic model with no options or colors. The Sporting has over 50k through it and I've done nothing but change out the bottom firing pin. 725 is an improved Citori based design, completley different than the Cynergy. The Browning Citori is an Over/Under, double-barrel shotgun chambered for all gauges and offered with vent rib barrels of 26” through 30” in length. Image courtesy of the manufacturer. Available in limited distribution, the new Citori is the latest in a long line of over-and-under shotguns that date back to the creative mind of firearm genius John M. lighning vs lightning feather vs 725. Citori 725 vs Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I. Therein lies the appeal of the Cynergy, the O/U that many have found to be the only O/U truly comfortable to shoot with peppy hunting loads that is also pleasant to carry in the field. I have always shot the bigger framed Citori shotguns better than smaller framed shotguns like the Cynergy and Beretta o/u offerings. The Monolock wasn't the only difference between the Cynergy and Citori, and perhaps not even the most significant. If you wish to place a parts order click on the picture to the below, to view and print a PDF file of the Parts Order Form. Vector Pro lengthened forcing cones, for reduced shot deformation and more dense/consistent patterns. Details FEATURES -30" matte blued steel barrel -3" chamber -14 1/4" length of pull -Grade I Walnut stock, satin finish -Cynergy Inflex recoil pad -Silver nitride steel receiver -Chrome plated chamber -Gold plated trigger -Invector-Plus extended Midas grade choke system (F, M, IC) -Ivory bead front sight -48" overall length Additional Information Manufacturer Part …. It seems to balance, mount and swing better than either of my. Features and BenefitsOver/under action with 2-shell capacityPolished blued steel, floating rib barrelGlossy walnut stockTriple Trigger SystemIvory. The feel and fit of a shotgun far out weighs any other reason to own one. – The Silver Pigeon is a bit lighter than the Citori, making it. Browning Cynergy shotguns, good or bad opinion??. Part of it was cause they were new, but they have better barrels, chokes, nicer stocks, etc. 2546 Views 11 Replies 9 Participants Last post by Kraiza, Oct 15, 2013. Cynergy vs Citori for wide applications. Citori has a taller receiver and uses the standard pin and pivot style of connection for the barrel and action. I've shot them both and I Like them equally as much. Just like I'm sure the SV10 is cheaper for Beretta than the 68x guns. The Cynergy is newer, of course, with few in use so I'm interested in how they may hold up. miroku manufacture late production auto-5—b. The similar Hunter I is 1 oz lighter but the bluing is wearing off the receiver of my CXS (I wear shooting gloves while hunting) so I prefer the nickel finish. Well, I had my heart set on a 12 guage Browning Citori 725 field with a 28 inch bbl. The Citori XS Special and a BT-99 Micro are new. It still locks up tight and goes boom every time. There are a few ways to change your Citori Ejectors to Extractors. Nothing wrong with the Cynergy, it is not a bad choice. The cynergy is supposed to have a faster trasfer for quicker second shots. Once I shot a Cynergy, however, the Citori felt like a club. I’ve had experience shooting a Browning Cynergy and most recently a Rizzini BR110 during a recent pheasant hunt. I’ve shouldered a few brownings and the new FN made 101 which felt good but haven’t shot one. Standard Invector is standard on 10, 16 and 28 gauge, and. On Thi HSG - Blog to share knowledge, scratch programming, sample cv for job application. Browning Shotguns: The Top 10 Greatest Ever!. The Citori is a little bigger framed shotgun and fits me better than the Cynergy. Browning Citori CX with Adjustable Comb Over-Under Shotgun. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. From my research on the exact topic, the Beretta is a better choice over the cynergy line. Sort by: Citori over and under shotguns — Beauty, strength, performance and reliability. A low-profile receiver is more than just hype, it offers the shooter real advantages that improve accuracy and comfort. The Best Shotguns for Sporting Clays of 2023. The Gold Evolve autoloading shotgun with new, innovative ergonomic styling is introduced. In all cases, the 16 and 28 gauge and. Flat point of impact (50/50) Vector Pro lengthened forcing cones. Both guns had a material differetn feel at the forearm. My aim is to educate through reviews and how-to's. The perfect over and under shotgun for pheasant and other upland game. I've owned a white lightning in 20 that I shot pretty good too. Browning- Citori & Cynergy- what is the dif? 789 Views 6 Replies 5 Participants Last post by oletymer, Jun 25, 2008 Jump to Latest S. Browning Citori or Superposed. Citori loyalists worried that the shotgun would be discontinued in the early 2000s when Browninging debuted the Cynergy, another over/under that costs slightly less than most Citoris. Browning is releasing a few great waterfowl models both 3. There are currently seven Cynergy Over/Under shotguns: . Citori 20’s carry well…the Hunter 12’s at a listed 7lbs 11ounces wouldn’t be something I would want to carry on a long day. This shotgun is designed with a walnut stock with a full pistol grip, a single trigger …. Even though you might shoot just a little trap, break a few sporting clays, and chase pheasants in the fall, owning a safe full of over and under shotguns in more fantasy than reality. The two guns that have caught my eye are the Browning Citori 725 Sporting or the Citori Lightning and then the Beretta Silver Pigeon. Cynergy CX 12ga O/U Shotgun ">Ultimate Versatility? Browning Cynergy CX 12ga O/U Shotgun. Honest Review of: Browning Citori CX. The Citori has a older "standard" profile receiver. On the one hand, we have the Cynergy CX models that feature a 60/40 POI and a light touch. Citori Jump to Latest Follow 6956 Views 24 Replies 16 Participants Last post by christopher-g , Nov 15, 2006 G gafirefighter317 Discussion starter 80 posts · Joined 2006 #1 · Oct 10, 2006 I was hoping that someone could explain to me the difference between the Cynergy and Citori lines. Pretty much all gunsmiths can work on a Citori. Browning introduced the Citori over-under shotgun in 1973, and it has become extremely popular among hunters and clay target shooters. Browning Cynergy Over Under Sporting Clays Guns. Re: Advice on new purchase - Red Lable, Cynergy or Win 101 Field. In addition to the fact that I simply like the Citori better than the Cynergy and think it is a better built gun, there have been approximately 50 times as many Citori's built and sold as Cynergy's. Which one is the best? Today, we shall be looking at Browning Cynergy vs. Properly lubed, should be fine within the first flat of shells. Gold Light 10 Gauge Field – Auric. What is the difference between Grade I, III, IV, VI & VII? The difference is the type of engraving on the receivers, grade or figure of wood used in the stock and forearm, etc. The Cynergy has a narrower receiver and a different buttstock than the Citori. We pitted the Benelli 828U, retailing for $2,500, against the Browning 725, retailing for $2,470, both at the clay-target range and on the patterning board to see if the new smokepole performed as advertised against a proven. Good for the consumer I suppose. For me the Citori needs no introduction, I had already been involved in trap shooting 4 years before the "Type 1" Citori's introduction in 1973, i have seen the various versions progress and observed them in extensive use. im going to use it mostly for skeet and sporting clays, really the only difference is the sporting comes with ported barrels and different chokes but for an extra $1000 is it really worth it??. Has the Cynergy overtaken the Browning Citori in the market place, the game fields, or the competition range ? Given the Cynergy's sales and what Browning would have sold as Citoris if the Cynergy did not exist. They are the Citori 725 and the Cynergy. Redhead Premier Target vs Browning Citori. The 725 (I have both the Trap and Skeet models) shoot about 60/40 out of the box. A lot of people love the Citori, and they are good yeoman shotguns. The Cynergy is on sale for $1299 . Browning Citori 725 vs Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I. Shooters in my area who are used to shooting Mossberg or Remington pump guns look upon the Citori as their high-end dream gun. Browning shotguns pictured: Citori High Grade 50th Anniversary (top), Citori 725 Feather (middle), and Cynergy Wicked Wing (bottom). I have made some observations, my shooting has spanned the time before the BT-99's introduction, to the present. It always felt cumbersome and "blocky" in my hands not unlike a 2X4 wall stud. The 692 uses a slightly wider receiver than the Beretta 680 series to enhance intuitive shouldering, balance, and quick target acquisition by placing more weight between the shooter's hands. I have narrowed down my over/under search to these two shotguns. Browning Cynergy CX, A Shotgun For All Seasons We all know the old adage about “Beware the man with only one gun, because he probably knows how to use it”, or something like that. i like 2 guns: 1)Citori Ultra XS Sporting Clays in 12 Gauge 30" ported barrels or 2)franchi alcione field 28" 12ga, and 26" 20ga which do u think is a better gun. Which has a better build quality etc. The Classic Field has a different forearm and stock. These old-fashioned scatterguns are often viewed as traditional and many believe they simply can’t compare to modern semi-auto or pump-action models. These over and under 12 gauge shotguns feature a 28, 30, or 32 inch floating vent rib barrel, ivory bead and mid bead sights, an Inflex 2 recoil pad, and an Invector Plus Midas choke system for shooting long range targets with ferocious accuracy and precision. If the first fails to fire, the second might fire, but it most likely will not. comb and current Citori are the same. First time posting long time "lurker". Product Comparison for Browning Cynergy CX 12 Gauge …. gazi10 Discussion starter · Dec 21, 2019. Comes with vented barrels and raised rib with ivory mid and front beads. I suppose it's all in the individual fit/feel preference. Browning has been a leader in interchangeable shotgun choke tube systems since the 1980s. The new Citori 725 is the evolution of John M. My first real sporting gun, after the attempt with the Cynergy, was a Rizzini Vertex, kind of the precursor to the BR110 Sporter. 32" CT5, Adjustable Comb, GraCoil: 0180804009: 5600. But at 5ft tall and a smaller woman, you will have to invest $$$ to get it to fit. According to Maxim Defense, this new ammo is expected to be available in the 3rd quarter of 2022. Browning One Browning Place Morgan, UT 84050 800-333-3288 | 801-876-2711 © Browning. Browning Citori 725 Sporting Maple 12ga 32" - Ref 1472. A friend of mine is selling his Browning Citori and I would have like to get some more info before buying it. For more information, visit Browning. Browning Cynergy CX vs CZ Redhead Premier Target. Huh, Very strange still how the Cynergy is cheaper than old style Citori's. The local dealer has a Browning Citori Satin Hunter on sale for around $1,349 and it shoulders and feels great. I have a Browning Citori and the Browning Cynergy that I use mostly for hunting both have performed flawlessly, put a Cynergy in your hands if you haven’t yet you might like the way it feels and fits. I say that and I'm assuming by your comments it felt better, if the CX feels better than buy it. We pitted the Benelli 828U, retailing for $2,500, against the Browning 725, retailing for $2,470, both at the clay-target range and on the patterning board to see if the new smokepole performed as advertised against a …. 00 10 b1793651 drop stop adjustment set screw, bt99 plus / citori plus 1. Browning Citori 725 Field 20 Gauge Shotgun. These guns do not shoot like a Citori. About 5 months ago I ordered a Franchi Instinct SL shotgun ($1,100) knowing that it would take about 2-3 months to come in. 99, something no one will object to. I preferred the extra so it forces me to slow down my aiming for the lead. I can't think of any other designs currently produced that are similar to either. With the exception of my great Grandfather's 10 ga. And with a 1 5/8-inch drop at comb and 2-inch drop at heel, it also should be quick to draw a bead. My go to gun for preserve hunting is a Citori White Lightning 20 gauge with 28" Barrels. Id consider a franchi, herreta, or other good brand. The legendary inventor revolutionized the double-gun shooting world with the creation of the …. Search titles only; Posted by Member: Separate names with a comma. The Guerinis are usually more expensive, but you get more for your money. Gipson's Browning Trap Shooting Firearms. The “C” stands for “crossover. In my case, in 12 gauge, I would pick the Cynergy for just that reason. Các trường bắt buộc được đánh dấu * Bình luận * Tên. It also has a better trigger and no porting; I don't think porting does anything worthwhile and it's a nuisance. The design is classic, and the guns have proven to be unusually durable. Browning Citori 725 Field 2 RD 12 Gauge 28" Over-Under Shotgun. 410 in the Cynergy field and the Lightning about $150 apart price wise in the same store. 26” full/full vent new in white ejectors $400. It has been called "revolutionary. I really liked my White Lightning, but now favor Cynergy's and just couldn't go back. The gunsmith said that the Browning Citoris last forever, but the Cynergys fail after 5,000 rounds after I told him I was looking at one. Browning designs to today's state-of-the-art, here is Gun Digest's tip of the hat to the greatest Browning shotguns of all time! Intro to Browning Shotguns Early Browning shotguns ad. It is well suited for all clay target games. Browning® Citori CX Over & Under Shotgun. Cynergy Field vs Citori GTS. Try both if you can and get what feels best to you. The Browning Superposed and the more moderately priced Citori share a design now almost 90 years old. I'm in the market for a new 20 gauge O/U, 28in barrel, which will primarily be used for dove hunting. I don't know that the additional weight is a . 00; Brand: Browning; Item Number: 013175427; Browning CYNERGY 12 GAUGE REALTREE MAX-4 $1,999. INVECTOR, STD/PLUS CHOKE, 12, SK. Rugers slightly less than that. I have a 725 Sporting 20 ga as well as older Citori shotguns with the CX type action. The Cynergy made a technological breakthrough with its MonoLock Hinge, making it possible to create an over under shotgun with an ultra-low profile receiver. INVECTOR, STD/PLUS CHOKE, 12, CYL. CZ Wingshooter Elite vs Browning Citori. com Please use the space below to record information about your …. Limited production and only a few available. Browning Citori Model Differences. 56 frangible ammo, that distance has been reduced to effectively 0 feet. Rifle and Shotgun Slings - Browning. Browning Cynergy CX For The Man With One Gun">Browning Cynergy CX For The Man With One Gun. In the last 12 months there is great demand for a Browning Citori White Lightning and most shotguns. The Browning Citori "crossover" Over/Under Shotgun is designed to be adaptable to all the clay target games, - trap, …. Like the Superposed and the Citori before it, I expect the Cynergy will develop a distinguished history all its own. The Browning Cynergy Ultimate Turkey Shotgun wears composite …. While not as expensive as some custom Italian over unders, the Citori White Lightning is still up there. Wanting to get my wife involved in sporting clays and wondering which gun would be the better choice. Cynergy CX vs Browning Citori 725 Sporting. Best for Hunting: Browning Citori Hunter Grade I. Discontinued Cynergy CX sporting or Current model CX?. Collectors will likely value the Superposed more than the Citori. I own both Cynergy and Citori 725 o/u, and like both. The Browning® Citori "crossover" shotgun is designed to be adaptable to all the clay target games, - trap, skeet and sporting clays - and still be adept in the game field without being too heavy or cumbersome to carry all day long. The 5 Best Crossover Shotguns for the Range and the Field. By den9 in forum General Replies: 4. BENELLI 828U FIELD-12 GAUGE-3″-26″ O/U-FR-RH STK – SER# BS001249E15 P#10701 $ Beretta 686 Onyx Pro w/Release Trigger (USED) 12 GA 30″ – S. The great thing about the Cynergy is that if you find one that fits and shoots well for you, it can usually be purchased for significantly less than a Citori of equal condition. Shotgun: Winchester Model 101 or Browning Cynergy/Citori">O/U Shotgun: Winchester Model 101 or Browning Cynergy/Citori. I am looking at the Citori 625 field of the Cynergy field versions. Over Under shotguns are considered to be out of style nowadays. Winchester 101 Field or Franchi Instinct L. Do Browning shotguns have cast-on or cast-off on their stocks? Answer: Upon leaving the factory, Browning stocks are straight with no cast-on or cast-off. Browning Cynergy Wicked Wing. Cynergy Feather: Shotgun Review. It seems a little less muzzle heavy than the Cynergy. Where is The Browning Cynergy Made? Much like the Browning Citori 725, the Cynergy is made by the world-renowned Miroku Firearms Manufacturing in Kochi, Japan. If you must choose a Cynergy or any Tri Star, I would choose the Cynergy. Citori Lightning vs 725 Field vs Cynergy Field">Browning 20ga: Citori Lightning vs 725 Field vs Cynergy Field. As the title suggests, I've currently got a Silver Pigeon 1, but was looking to trade it in for a Cynergy in synthetic. I found the information on the Browning website. The gun will be used, so I am not looking for a show …. Locate Browning firearm, hunting clothing, shooting accessories and other outdoor gear dealers in your area. Same goes with a Citori or a Cynergy: the higher grades get you no more functionality, they just get you upgraded wood and assorted bling. Shop a large gun caliber selection of Browning 28 Gauge for sale at Omaha Outdoors. 11 Reviews Browning Citori 725 86% Critic Rating 6 Reviews 98% User Rating 15 Reviews 50 MOA Accuracy 50 MOA N/A Damage 75. The Cynergy is well made the triggers suck. Caesar guerini summit or browning 725. At the higher end of your budget is the Cynergy CX. My CG Summit Sporting is a VERY flat shooting gun. any thoughts on Cynergy wicked wing. I haven't seen a Citori 725 in Micro Midas edition, but Browning has produced a Cynergy Micro Midas edition in the past. From the outset, it was designed to be sleeker, lighter, and very compact,– so low that it's the lowest profile over and under 12 gauge you can get your hands on. However, due to the nature of the wood, they will at times slightly curve as they grow drier over time. 00: Pre-owned Browning Citori 725 Trap Unsingle 34" CT4, Adj. Cant say too much about the Cynergy but I have handled them and I like the way they feel, but its different than my Citori. Was rereading a magazine article written when the Cynergy was first introduced and the argument was made that the Cynergy was the first real advancement and improvement in over/unders in fifty years. Any Cynergy owners out there?. The gun will be used for clays only, which of the two would you guys recommend. Browning Shotguns for Sale :: Guns. My original thought was to buy a lightning feather. Browning Cynergy VS Browning Citori Browning Cynergy 82% Critic Rating 4 Reviews 99% User Rating 11 Reviews Browning Citori 50% Critic Rating 0 Reviews 94% User Rating 0 Reviews 50 MOA Accuracy 50 MOA N/A Damage 75. Both guns seem to sholder the same at the store except when sholdering, the Citori it felt better against the sholder, I think that the Classic stock on. 97 Yeets N/A Range 50-100 yards N/A Recoil Velocity N/A 2 rounds Capacity 2 rounds 1602 Mobility 1640 50. Both product lines seem to fit pretty well. The Cynergy much wider and fatter, the Citori narrower ( I liked this better). The Price for a Browning Citori CX has increased in cost by $0. Browning cynergy feedback. The Citori Lightning, Gran Lightning and the White Lightning with new engraving are offered. I was set on wanting to buy a Browning Cynergy unsingle trap combo but after a post with some Cynergy questions I got some negetive comments about the Cynergy stock adj. I like the CG but for half the cost the cynergy is a lot of gun. Browning BPS Field Composite 4 RD 20 Gauge 26" Pump Shotgun. Hi Guys, i'm considering this gun as an extra over under. Browning Cynergy Shotgun Reviews. Browning Citori Hunter Grade I 12 Gauge Over/Under Shotgun 28" Barrel Blued and Black Walnut. com Evaluate 4 ⭐ (29646 Ratings). This results in an action that is smaller top to bottom. Browning Citori CXS vs Browning Cynergy CX. I am going to bite the bullet and get my first O/U. The Citori is a very well established design that traces its roots back over 45 years. 5-inch-chambered 12 gauge that packs a lot of value into an attractive package. I like Brownings and am thinking about an "upgrade". The 725 Field’s low-profile action is finished in Browning’s silver nitride, which sets off the laser engraving. The CX is a very nice balanced target gun, and is a great bargain compared to other browning target shotguns. Lefty Wilson Discussion starter · #4 · Apr 5, 2017. You pay more for those attributes, while the Bguns can do a fine job. It's FN's (they own Browning and Winchester) attempt to get slightly cheaper guns, price and build, in the hands of more consumers. 2446 Views 29 Replies 17 Participants Last post by Curly N, Dec 15, 2007. I own a Ruger Red Label and a Browning 525 Citori. Citori has a long reputation for durability. I like the looks of the Citori better but the money saved makes the Cynergy an attractive option. A Citori would make a nice inexpensive Trap gun. Best 8 We Shall See The King Lyrics. The tried and true Citori had me feeling really comfortable with a purchase and the ability to sell it easily if I wanted to upgrade, but something about the Rizzini has me wanting to jump ship. Cynergy unsingle combo vs citori unsingle. Best 20 Browning Cynergy Vs Citori. As for the traditional purists extreme distaste for the futuristic Cynergy recoil pad, big deal, it's one of the best functional factory recoil pads on the market today. Hello and welcome to The Shooting Channel!In every one of our videos, you'll see us wearing the top of the range electronic ear defence from our partner, SWA. The sporting Cynergy's were significantly more expensive. I had a 28 gauge Cynergy Classic (built on the 20 ga frame) that was a sweet handling little gun that my buddy me traded out of. Wolff Springs is very close to us, I suggested calling them. Browning Citori CX 12 Gauge Over/Under Shotgun 32" Barrel Blued and Walnut. If you're primarily gonna be doing trap, the Citori CX 60/40 along with the wider forend would be advantageous for most people. Today we offer three systems: our legacy Standard Invector, time-proven Invector-Plus, and extreme …. I don't recommend this unless you are familiar with the trigger group. An ivory front sight matches perfectly with rib’s mid bead. Best 23 What Is A Pontoon Bridge. There is not a finer example of simplicity, quality, and clay-busting performance than the classic BT-99. I would get a Special Sporting Clays from Guns Unlimited in Omaha, NE. VS BROWNING CITORI: WHICH. The points below are essential for you to choose the correct choke tubes for a multi-barrel set. jrmev · #2 · May 16, 2014 For me the difference between the two is feel. I just really like the look of the brownings (cynergy specifically, but even the citori), . Best 9 69 Chevelle Tail Lights. 97 Yeets 50-100 yards Range 50-100 yards N/A Recoil Velocity N/A N/A Capacity 2 rounds N/A Mobility N/A 50 Ergonomics 50 50 Fit & Finish 50. So far looks like Cynergy Classic Field is what I like. Pick one up, open the breech and you’ll know why. Browning 725 Sporting vs Browning Citori CXS. 6, 5/40 and 6/48 to fit most shotguns. The CXS does away with the CX’s barrel porting—something few hunters want—and is available with 28-, 30- or 32-inch barrels. Browning Citori 725 Field vs Benelli 828U. Citori CXT OU : 30” or 32", Black or white receiver, CT, New in Box. It will usually not be centered on the 6” target bull’s-eye (more on that later) but can be. The Citori starts at about $1,700 new and, depending on the model, can go up to over $3,000, while used models. Here, four years later, the new Citori 725 lists at $2469. It's available for $999 from CDNN. The CX guns are designed to shoot 60/40 vs the sporting 50/50. Although I like the sleek look of the cynergy. I have no opinion on the Cynergy and all the others are based on the very reliable, durable citori action. Beretta and Browning offer far better quality O/U shotguns than the "CZ," which is not a "CZ" at all, but a Huglo-- an entry-level type shotgun, even by Turkish standards. Cynergy CX models combine a 60/40 point of impact (POI) with a light nimble feel to please the most demanding shooters, both on the range and in the field. The Citori is a good gun, but I have no durability concerns with the Cynergy. The new Browning Cynergy Ultimate Turkey Shotgun is a 3. Browning Cynergy vs Browning Citori CX. That's the way the Browning atorneys want it. Features and BenefitsOver/under action with 2-shell capacityPolished blued steel, floating rib barrelGlossy walnut stockTriple Trigger SystemIvory front and mid bead. Disassembly and Reassembly of the Browning Cynergy Shotgun. Hey Everyone! I'm sure this has been discussed in great detail in various parts of the forum, but most of them are in the Browning and Beretta groups, and i feel they may be slightly biased. I have a citori and it seems more user friendly and easier. The Citori seems to be a more traditional gun than the Cynergy, and the Citori is a proven platform, but the white hunter is a new model, so im not sure. Browning Cynergy vs CZ Reaper Magnum. It is based on a striker fired design (no hammers). Browning BPS Field 4 RD 28 Gauge 28" Pump Shotgun. I would definitely suggest handling and or shooting both of them you are considering if possible, see which. 00 ns b1337142 drop stop screw, bt100 / citori sporting clays 3. Balance is a bit forward which is nice for trap or sporting clays. Will use for Skeet and Sporting clays. Have the original box, paperwork, factory extended shokes. Two Browning over and under shotguns currently have mechanical triggers. In the last 12 months there is great demand for a Browning Citori 725 and most shotguns. Best 12 Bronze Bolt Carrier Group. The 725 Citori features Browning’s new Invector-DS (Double Seal) Choke System. Left Hand Browning CXT or 725 Trap. BPS, BT99, Cynergy, and Citori for Browning. 30" CT3, Box, AS NEW: CIT-01751: 2650. The Citori in 20 has a receiver height like a Beretta or Cynergy in 12. Rib, 13 1/4" lop, Case: CIT-01507: 2900. Both shotguns have screw on chokes and both come with 3 each. One thing I dislike about the Ruger is the automatic safety. • Browning Citori 525 Field: 6 pounds 11 ounces, MSRP $2,340. I don't think the Cynergy vs Citori issue is about a difference in quality (both are outstanding) but rather a difference in design and look and feel. Internal directional deflection construction guides the comb down and away from your. Browning walnut is sourced from the best suppliers world wide and is selected carefully to give you the confidence that the grade of wood specified for your firearm has the grain and appeal you expect. The Wicked Wing models are available in 26"-, 28"- and 30"-barrel lengths. The Browning Citori line celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2023 to the delight of gold trigger fans everywhere. I shoulder the Cynergy and boy it felt awesome. I have shot a citori lighning 12 ga for the last 18 years, and 6 months ago decided I wanted to use something lighter, so i bought a SP1 in 20 ga. The Beretta, largely because it's dramatically less expensive. Having said that, I would agree with one of the earlier posters and look further at the Citori line. The Citori is a tall reciever, the Cynergy is a low profile reciever and IMHO is a much more responsive handeling gun. The Superlight Feather combines classic good looks and a straight grip with the solution to the original ­Citori’s weight. Metal base threads directly into the bead of shotguns for a better sight picture; Five screw sizes, 3/56, 3x. Certainly there are more than just cosmetic differences between the Cynergy, Citori's and 725's. Im trying to decide between a 12ga Citori and a cynergy. The Cynergy has a completely new lock up. It mounts so nice, recoils so soft, and hits birds time and time again. Citori 525 Field Citori Lightning Citori White Lightning Cynergy Classic Field Cynergy Field (discontinued in 12 ga) And a whole host of others (Feather, Superfeather, etc. Browning, why did you drop the CX from the lineup. Cynergy Feather vs Citori 525 Feather. My next purchase will be a quality over under shotgun. Benelli's Over/Under Shotgun Cant Beat Browning. Some folks say that the Citori is too tall thru the breech area thus the Cynergy. The Cynergy has a different trigger system than the Citori's. The 725 makeover solved both problems without altering the basic design. It has a higher rib than most Citori's (except the Trap model). Experience Over and Under Shotgun Innovation with the Cynergy. It is a totally different design action. It also has a inertia block changeover to select second barrel for the trigger. I am looking to get an over under in a 12 gauge to hunt everything including ducks. To me the lenght of pull is 1/2 inch longer than the CX, with more drop in comb and with more of a hunting shotgun pitch. I haven't looked back since! The only regret was I bought it in 12ga for skeet and upland birds, and not the 28ga. I like both guns, the Ruger has a lower profile receiver than the Citori, however the Cynergy has a pretty low profile.